• Student Group on Race Relations

    The Student Group on Race Relations (SGORR) is an organization of diverse high school students in MRH High School that promotes positive social relations across all boundaries of difference by increasing self-awareness.

    SGORR students also will implement diversity discussions with groups in the greater MRH community. Over the course of semester, SGORR students teach interactive, hands-on activities and lead discussions with fellow students.

    MRH HS SGORR-Student Group on Race Relations Team Norms: Student Group on Race Relations logo

    • We respect and validate
    • “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”
    • We take turns and share the discussion
    • We listen actively with the intent to understand
    • We know disagreement is not disrespect if done right
    • We speak our truth and value other’s truths
    • We use “I statements” and speak for ourselves
    • We act like we love ourselves and all group members
    • We withhold judgment of our peers
    • “Oops statement” acknowledgement

    “How you express your opinion directly relates to how your message is received and whom you influence.”

    “When’s the last time you allowed someone to change your mind about something?”