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ECC COVID-19 Resources

MRH Ongoing Meal Distribution

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Helping Families Cope

MRH Community Resources: Covid-19

Weekend on Wheels Offering Weekly Food Bags Beginning April 16

Healthy Adults for Healthy Kids: Modeling in the Time of COVID-19

We all recognize that for many of our families, this pandemic crisis is making a difficult home situation even worse.  As part of a regional response, there has been a coordinated effort by area school districts to simplify the search for resources for those in need.  Please click on the flier link below.

Family Resources Flier

Video Messages From Your ECC Principals and Teachers

My 18 Positive Messages from Your ECC Staff

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May 13 Message to the Community from Supt. Dr. Karen Hall

May 4 Message from Art Teacher Mrs. Schepker-Mueller

May 4 Read Aloud With Mrs. Justus

April 28: Coach Krebs Misses Y'All!

April 28 Read Aloud With Mrs. Justus

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April 13 Read Aloud With Ms Justus

ItsLearning Tutorial by Dr. Hebenstreit

Read Aloud With Dr. Hebenstreit

Librarian Mrs. Justus reads "The Spiffiest Giant in Town."

Remote Instruction

May 18, 2020

MRH ECC Summer Reading Challenge 2020

March 31, 2020

Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center


Dear Parents,


I want to thank all of our parents for sharing their appreciation, as well as, questions with our staff regarding the learning opportunities we have provided during the current school closure. Teachers are sharing this feedback with us and we are doing our best to respond to the information and using it to inform our next steps as we roll out new learning opportunities on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Please watch for news about what this will look like for ECC families.


Families still needing a K/1/2 paper packet for the initial 10 days of review lessons, may pick up packets at the ECC on the porch under the overhang at the main entry (see photos below).

Preschool parents wanting a paper copy of the resources sheet for preschool activities will also find a bin of copies in the same location.


Check out Mrs. Justus's special storytime:

Click here for Mrs. Justus Read Aloud of "Corduroy!"


Wishing good health to all of our families, 


Cynthia Hebenstreit, PhD Principal

Cynthia Cobb, MEd Assistant Principal 


MRH ECC Early Childhood Center | 2801 Oakland Ave , Maplewood, MO 63143

Dear ECC Families, 

I am truly grateful for the support the district has received during this period of uncertainty.  I recognize that our ECC families are significantly impacted during the school closure as your children are the youngest and require care while parents work. Having said that, this shutdown is extremely important to ensure we limit the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus).  While our school buildings are closed, our commitment to ECC students and families remains strong. Mrs. Cobb and I have been working closely with district administrators to implement a plan for students to engage in learning activities in the home setting. 

 Remote Learning Plan for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade:

The remote learning plan for each grade-level will consist of the following content areas: 10 lessons for reading, 10 lessons for writing, 10 lessons for math, 10 lessons for science, and 10 lessons for social studies. We will also provide 10 lessons for Physical Activity, 3 lessons for Art, 3 lessons for Music, and 3 lessons for Seed to Table. Each lesson, including time for practice, should last between 20-30 minutes. 

 Second grade students who work with Mr. Lyons for E4, or Mrs. Weaver for individualized math programs will receive lessons via email from them directly.

 Students, who work with Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Sausele, Mrs. Justus, Mrs. Perkins-Moore, and Ms. Knapp for individualized literacy programs, will receive a literacy bag that can support their grade-level literacy lessons. See below for when you can pick these materials up. 

 Remote Learning Plan for Preschool:

The remote learning plan for preschool will look slightly different than kindergarten through 2nd grade.  Activities will be sent to families via links embedded in teacher emails. There will be access to yoga, songs, poems, math games, journaling opportunities and more.  I have every confidence that my preschool staff will find ways to engage with your child in unique and interesting ways during time at home and will communicate to you via email.

Special Information for children that receive services from St. Louis County Special School District (SSD): 

Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) will be provided with lessons and activities to support their learning as it relates to IEP goals. IEP Case Managers and other special education staff (Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, ABA Associate, Social Worker, etc.) will be in contact via email with families regarding next steps and to provide lessons and/or support. Students will receive lessons and/or staff support for each area of service on their IEP. Work can be completed on a schedule that works best for each family. Completed work can be turned in electronically, it can be turned in on paper when school resumes, or parents/guardians can keep a daily log of completed lessons and submit the log to the special education staff. Students are not expected to complete classroom/grade level work in a particular area if they are completing work in that same area from the special education staff. For example, if a child is completing reading lessons from the special education teacher, the child is not required to also complete the grade level reading lessons. Additionally, all MRH staff are committed to ensuring accommodations and modifications are provided so that students with IEPs can continue to access meaningful learning activities. Special education staff will be available for support, at minimum, between 7:45 and 3:15 each school day. The first point of contact for families is your child’s special education Case Manager (Teacher or SLP). Ben Gleason, Special Education Coordinator for MRH, is also available at

How are the lessons designed?

Each lesson will allow for opportunities to practice skills from throughout the school year and then an opportunity to apply these skills. These two portions of the lesson are required. If students want to continue exploring that topic or work, there will be optional extension ideas for students. 

Where can I access the lessons? 

Lessons can be accessed via three methods:  

1.  By following this remote learning link , you will find a Google folder for each grade-level. Within each grade-level folder, you will find a folder for each of the content areas listed above. Within each content area folder, you will find the set of 10 lessons, along with any additional items needed to complete the lesson (worksheet, article, etc.). We are working hard to label these items clearly, so they can be as user friendly as possible. ***Please know that if you go to these links now, you will not find materials. They will be uploaded on the afternoon/early evening of Tuesday, March 24th. 

2.  Your child’s classroom teacher will directly email you the folder link via the email address they have for you. They will also share any usernames and/or passwords that may be needed for instructional technology programs that are referenced in the lessons. These emails will occur during the afternoon of Tuesday, March 24th. 

3.  You can email your child’s teacher and ask for a paper packet of all of the lessons and materials that can be picked up following the directions and times below. 

When should my child complete these lessons? 

You will notice the lessons are labeled “Lesson #1” rather than “Day #1”. We did this intentionally. Some families will choose to follow a specific schedule each day and for them I am including a possible schedule for you below. Other families, depending on adult work schedules/family needs, may need to do more during the weekend or spend more time on one given day completing the work rather than a designated time each day. The way we have structured this is to allow for as much flexibility as possible for families. 

How will my child turn in their assignments? 

Assignments can be turned in via three methods: 

1. Each student has a Google doc that has been created between them and their classroom teacher. This Google doc can be used to enter the answers, the writing assignment, etc. for each lesson. Just date when the lesson was completed. Your child’s teacher will share more specifics about this option in the email they send you on Tuesday, March 24th. 

2. You can record the answers, the writing assignment, etc. in a notebook or on pieces of paper that you have at home. Date the lesson when it was completed. Your child can turn in the entire notebook when we return. 

3. If you request a paper packet from your child’s teacher, you can complete your work in the packet and turn the packet in when we return. Date the lesson when it was completed. 

One Possible Way to Structure Your Child’s Day:

Keep wake up time as normal as possible


Breakfast/Physical Movement (Play outside, play with the dog, see the PE lessons for ideas, etc.)


Academic Work Time


Physical Movement Break (Play outside, play with the dog, see the PE lessons for ideas, etc.)


Academic Work Time


Lunch/Physical Movement Break (Play outside, play with the dog, see the PE lessons for ideas, etc.)


Academic Work Time


Afternoon Snack/Physical Movement Break (Play outside, play with the dog, see the PE lesson for ideas, etc.)

3:15 to bedtime

Follow your typical after school plan and bedtime routine

Teacher “Office Hours” and Communication Protocol: 

Each grade-level teacher will take a two-hour shift. We have created this 12-hour window of support to help as many families as we can, as soon as we can. If you or your child has a question regarding the lessons, you have two options for help. 

  1. Email your child’s teacher directly. Teachers will be checking emails periodically through the workday, but this may not be the fastest route for a response. 

  2. Email your grade-level HELP email that is included below. This email account can be accessed by all class grade-level teachers throughout the day (M-F, 7am-7pm) and whoever is on call during that time will reach out to you. 

 In either situation, when sending the email, please provide the question you have and a good phone number where you can be reached.  They will either reply to the email or you will receive a call offering assistance. 

Technology Support:

MRH cannot troubleshoot Internet issues or systems issues related to your personal device. You will need to contact your Internet or system provider for questions related to these issues. For all other issues, click here.

Meals for Students: 

MRH is committed to providing healthy school meals to our students during the current health crisis. Starting Wednesday, March 25th, we will be providing "To Go" meals for MRH students through Wednesday, April 22 at each of our buildings. Meal pickup is between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm each week day. This will be a curbside pick-up, so please remain in your vehicle. If you are walking, please maintain a 6-ft distance from our employees and we will assist you. 

At the time of pickup, a packaged lunch for the day will be provided as well as a breakfast for the following day. If we are able to provide more meals at one time, we will do so and notify you at time of pick-up. Meals will be provided free of cost for all MRH students and you may visit one location for multiple students (ex. siblings who attend different buildings). Please have your student name(s). You may choose to fill out this online form to hopefully make this transaction smoother.

Thank you again for your patience and support during this time.  I will communicate any updates as I have them and wish all good health. 

Warm Regards, 

Cynthia Hebenstreit, PhD, Principal, ECC