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February 25, 2013


The Language of Music

In the music studio students are focusing on spring goals. In kindergarten, they have been singing every day in preparation for their very first concert. Students have been singing a variety of songs from a variety of sources, either led by their teacher, Matt Pentecost, or by a recording artist.  In first grade, students are learning to read music on the treble staff using a program called Music Ace that lets everyone participate on the SmartBoard. The ECC will culminate the spring semester with a song writing project where each child will write his or her own piece of music. In turn, Mr. Petecost will play it for them on the instrument of their choice. Speaking of instruments of their choice, the last thing kindergarten did before concert work began, was take a week to play with all their teacher's instruments. Students spend six weeks in the fall learning about the instruments, but there just isn't time to let everyone pick them up and play them all. So recently they spent a week taking turns playing the instruments of their choice before moving on to  voices. It is an exciting, hands-on way of exposing students to a variety of instruments and engaging them in a life-long love and understanding of music.

             student playing the violin

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