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April 21, 2013


Being Environmentally Conscious on Earth Day and Everyday

Children at the ECC are learning about sustainable lifestyles every day. The administrators, teachers and community workers are coming together to build a beautiful environment that also teaches the children the importance of “Being Green”. Chef Almut Marino, the school’s Seed to Table teacher talks about the some of the ways she teaches the children in the program.

“Most children find compost fascinating.  Once they get beyond the "yuck" factor of slimy worms they quickly find themselves uniquely attracted to roly polies and soldier fly larvae and it's hard to get them out of the worm bin or the compost pile.  Although we've been composting garden and some kitchen waste at ECC for a long time, this year, we will be joining the district's new sustainability effort to compost our lunch room waste.  Decomposition is a totally natural process, in fact, compost represents half of all life and it occurs all around us.  

In October we placed our Jack' O Lanterns to rest in a pumpkin cemetery in the back corner of the orchard, and just today we realized that they had completely rotted away reminding us that nature takes care of what nature makes.  We also noticed some broken glass, a plastic wrapper and a paper bag near the pumpkin remains, but they had not broken down.  Did you know that plastic wrappers take 15 years to break down and glass 1000 years?!  We quickly remembered what we learned last fall, that people need to take care of what people make, and much of that can be recycled.  Recycling is an on-going effort at ECC and we'll be checking to see how well we are all doing our part.  

On Earth Day, April 22, first graders will participate in a week-long trash audit.  This activity involves sorting through a bag of trash to find out how much more we could have recycled.  We need to become more responsible for our waste for the long-term benefit of our planet.  Developing an ethic of recycling and composting in children is one way to keep our Earth beautiful for many years to come.”

Below are some images from the program:

                students celebrate earth day

               students celebrate earth day

               students celebrate earth day

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