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May 7, 2013


ECC Counselor's Corner



Summer break is right around the corner and the staff at the ECC hope you are all ready for some fun in the sun. Below are some useful inks and ideas helpful to have a safe, fun, and learning summer!


Things to Do over the summer:


Preschool Safety Tips


Safety Tips:


Developmentally Safe Tips


These websites are not MRH endorsed websites, just helpful hints. Remember you are the parent and know what will benefit your child's educational, emotional and mental health. 

10 ways to prevent Summer Brain Drain:

1.     Spend time in the library checking out books, reading books and participating in summer reading programs.

2.     Take small walks around the neighborhood and let your children tell you what they learned about the area.

3.     Let your children help you make the shopping list or let them write their own. For older children let them check out and pay with the allowance they have earned.

4.     Check out the list of summer camp options that are located on the main table in the front hallway.

5.     Get a tutor or find websites that can help your child work on skills that they need to improve.

6.     Limit the amount of time they play online video games and watch tv. Get them outside to run around and play with friends. Social growth is just as important as academic growth!

7.     Take them to the art, history or science museum.

8.     Take them to the Muny and use the free seats for a family fun night.

9.     Have your child write letters to relatives or friends that are out of town and encourage the relative to write back.

10.  Try to limit some of your work time so you can play games with your children. You deserve some too!


These are just a few of the websites used throughout the school year. The staff wishes students a great summer and a happy return to another year of ECC FUN!

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.