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September 22, 2014


A Look Inside Seed-to-Table

MRH's Seed-to-Table program, has become such an integral part of the District’s curriculum over the years. Seed-to-Table is a weekly special for all kindergarten and first grade students at the Early Childhood Center. Adding gardening and cooking experiences to the standard curriculum causes a ripple effect that empowers children to lead healthy, well balanced lives. 

The school garden and the Seed-to-Table kitchen classroom are hands-on learning laboratories where children can observe and apply many curricular concepts. They explore plant and animal biology, study natural cycles, physical science, and apply math skills when students measure and calculate the harvest or prepare recipes in the kitchen.

Working in the garden gives children additional time outdoors during the school day and provides an opportunity for enjoyable exercise.  Harvesting, preparing and eating foods grown in our garden increases a child’s understanding of good nutrition and like a seed planted in rich soil, will hopefully grow into lifelong healthy habits.

Children take great pride and ownership in planting, tending and harvesting the garden’s bounty and are eager to share this with their families and community at the annual farmer’s market in May.

In addition to growing healthy habits, students also develop an appreciation for the natural world.  Children learn to respect and care for plants and animals as well as becoming responsible stewards of MRH’s commons and resources. Students realize that they can have a positive impact on their community and are often motivated to engage in more good works.

From the classroom to the community, Seed-to-Table becomes part of daily conversations, spreads enthusiasm to participating families, contributes to beautiful school grounds, and builds lifelong bonds with other community members thus nurturing a safe culture within MRH’s neighborhoods.


For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.