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October 18, 2016


MRH ECC & Elementary Hosts Parent Literacy Night

Please join Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center & Elementary School for Parent Literacy Night on November 1st, 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the MRH Elementary Gym. The topic for the evening will be “Readers’ Workshop”.

Readers’ Workshop is the overarching framework for teaching reading in grades K-6 at MRH.

Teachers will present many different aspects of the Readers’ Workshop in a small group format, and the K-6 Literacy Coach will introduce the evening.  See below for descriptions of the sessions.

Our goal for the evening to expose parents to the many ways we differentiate to reach your child to become life-long readers!

This is a parent literacy night, but if you bring your child(ren), then MRHE will have childcare. Please fill out this form to RSVP with your child’s teacher or call the main office by October 27th.


                                                   READER’S WORKSHOP SESSIONS

Guided Reading:  Do you ever wonder what your child does during his/her guided reading group?  Now you can find out!  This group will focus on what components make up a small group guided reading lesson in Kindergarten-2nd grade!

Shared Reading in Kindergarten and 1st grade: Shared Reading is a time for students to interact with each other, the teacher, and the text as they read together. The focus of shared reading is often on letter knowledge, phonics skills, recognizing sight words, and reading with fluency. Poems, songs, and simple books are often used during this time as students focus the skills they will need to become more confident readers.

Mini Lessons: Our Reading Workshop begins with mini-lessons. These short, 10-minute lessons follow a pattern and are how we explicitly teach our students the comprehension skills needed to meet the Missouri Learning Standards in grades K-6.  In this session you will see an example of a 3rd-6th grade mini lesson and learn more about how this structure helps your child as a reader.

Strategy groups from a 3-5th grade perspective: A strategy group is when a group of 2-3 students are pulled during independent reading to work on a specific reading skill, regardless of reading level. This skill is an additional support for students once it has been taught to the whole class. Skills that students might work on within the group: inferencing, writing a quality post-it, visualizing, etc.

  • Reading Partnerships are used in 6th grade to provide students with the opportunity to select just right text that appeal to each student, while reading with a peer and applying comprehension strategies taught during whole group instruction.
  • Teachers reserve time every day for Interactive Read Aloud (IRA). Interactive Read Alouds are used to model what good readers do and give the children a chance to interact with a text in a supportive, whole group atmosphere.  This allows for pure enjoyment of a text while still practicing essential skills, such as making connections, predictions, inferences, questioning the text, and solving tricky words for all grade levels.

Book Clubs:How can you help students find the “deeper meaning” in a text?  How do you teach them to analyze characters? In this workshop, we will give parents the tools they need to help their upper elementary-aged children dive deeper into books.  We will help parents recognize “signposts,” or the most meaningful places for readers to stop and think about what they are reading.  Gaining the signpost knowledge and language will allow parents to have powerful conversations surrounding fiction and nonfiction books at home to support the work their children are doing in reading workshop daily.

Independent Reading & Conferring: Everyday students have time to read independently. Many variables change as the children progress through the grades (time, genres, and assignments). Independent Reading is a time when students choose their own books at their reading level and are high interest to read. Teachers spend time conferring, which is providing individual feedback to students at all grade levels.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.