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About MRH Elementary School

At MRH Elementary, teaching and learning is focused by using the “School As Museum” metaphor to organize classroom projects. As students take on the role of curator and designer for their own museum exhibits, they are able to go into depth in science and social studies units. Students and teachers choose the focus questions for their research allowing instruction to be differentiated naturally.

In the process of selecting content and topics for their display, students reflect on what is important for others to know about what they are learning and how that might best be communicated to others. The research process extends children’s opportunities for reading and writing across the curriculum. Creating exhibits based on this research and interpreting them for visitors provides an embedded way for students to demonstrate what they know and for teachers to assess their learning.

MRH Elementary Inquiry Curriculum is based on the belief that all students can develop the thinking skills necessary to become successful learners. Inquiry asks that we think about what we know, why we know, and how we have come to know.

Inquiry is not a method of teaching or learning a specific subject. It is an approach to posing real questions through chosen themes and topics. Inquiry-based learning is engaging and meaningful. It promotes discussion, questioning among students, and makes use of the five senses.

Investigations should be both free-ranging explorations and structured by the teacher. Students will then develop an understanding of the world as they investigate and inquire.

Our goal is to create a climate where all students demonstrate a high level of performance and in which teachers are empowered to make the decisions essential for effective learning.