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November 2, 2012


MRH Elementary Makes Special Preparations for Election Day

Unlike the other MRH buildings, the Elementary is a designated polling place for many voters in our area and this election day promises to be very well attended. Election officials will be setting up in the gym. With this in mind, a plan has been put into place to ensure the  safety of elementary students and staff on November 6, while preserving the learning environment.

Upon morning arrival, students will come directly into the building at 7:15,  pick up breakfast, and go straight to classrooms. Extra staff will be brought in from other buildings to help monitor the bus and carpool lanes.  The security gates will then be closed - blocking access to the library and classrooms. There will be staff supervising the atrium during the school day.

The gates will be brought up briefly as students eat lunch in the cafeteria. There will again be extra staff on hand supervising the area. Students will have indoor recess as the blacktop will be used for voter parking.

Many of our students have expressed excitement over the coming elections and all will have the opportunity to participate in the Kid’s Voting activities at the same time many local residents will be exercising their right to vote. This is a unique situation that has encouraged MRH Elementary students to become better informed and more engaged in their future right to vote as adults.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.