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May 18, 2013


MRH Elementary Student Shares Winning Essay

MRHE 4th grader Cameron Cole submitted an essay to the Annual George Washington Carver Art & Essay Contest in February of this year. The contest, which is sponsored by the MIssouri Southern State University - Department of Teacher Education, The Carver Birthplace Association and the George Washington Carver National Monument, is held in recognition of Black History Month. Over 350 4th grade students from across the country submitted entries. On March 30, it was announced during the Art & Essay Award ELEM student holding up his award Ceremony at the George Washington Carver National Monument Visitor Center, that Cameron’s essay was recognized with an Honorable Mention.

Cameron shared his essay with MRHE students at Friday Gathering on May 10th. Although he and his mother were not able to attend the ceremony in Diamond Missouri, they were notified of the award and Cameron later received a large green ribbon and a certificate by mail. All essays were themedIf I could spend the day with George Washington Carver...  “We are very proud of Cameron’s amazing work,” commented MRHE Principal Dr. Jason Adams.

If I Could Spend the Day with George Washington Carver
by Cameron Cole

If I could spend the day with George Washington Carver, I would first take him to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C.  I would explain to him about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and how he fought against segregation. He would be proud to see the Memorial because when he wanted to get an education he was denied because of his race and had to move to another city that accepted black children.  Next, we would visit the White House because I think Mr. Carver would be proud to see how much progress has been made and how far America has come from slavery and segregation.  I would introduce him to President Obama.  We would sit with President Obama and talk about the past and what will happen in the future.  Mr. Carver probably never imagined that an African American could or would be president.  When Mr. Carver was alive, people who looked like he and President Obama could never have been the President of the United States because of the color of their skin.

After visiting Washington D.C., we would then visit Diamond Grove, Missouri to visit his hometown so that he could see the changes and progress that has been made there.  I would ask him to describe to me what slavery was like for him and his family.  I would also ask Mr. Carver to explain how he went from being the son of slaves to the Plant Doctor.  I would ask Mr. Carver to show me where he planted his first garden and ask what things made him want to succeed in life.  We would then visit the George Washington Carver National Monument.  He would be so surprised and excited that the work he did is being honored and that people remember him for his contributions.

Once we leave Diamond Grove, we would then visit St. Louis.  I would first take him to Radio Shack to show him all of today’s technology.  Mr. Carver would be amazed.  Next, I would take him to Schnucks to show him the rows full of peanut butter and thank him for coming up with so many things from the peanut.  After that, I would take Mr. Carver to the Arch so that we could see a lot of historical artifacts and ask him if any of the artifacts brought back any memories that he had while he was growing up.  Lastly, I would end our day by visiting my school and introducing him to my friends and teachers to show him how education has changed and how the segregation fight allowed me to be able to learn and play with kids of all different races.  I would show Mr. Carver my report cards and tests so that he can see that I want to succeed in life and become someone great just like he did and tell him that the next time we meet we will visit my Monument!



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