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November 7, 2014


MRH Students Participate in Kids Voting Missouri

kid voting Maplewood Richmond Heights School District once again participated in Kid’s Voting on November 4, 2014. Over 400 Missouri schools took part this year in Kid’s Voting Missouri, an affiliate of Kid’s Voting USA. The students mirror registered adult voters on the election date.

Kid’s Voting Missouri is a grassroots, non-partisan, non-profit citizenship education program for students in grades K-12. The goal of Kid’s Voting is to empower young people early in life to participate in the democracy and let their voices be heard. By participating in Kid’s Voting, students learn about government, democracy, voting and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The program creates an expectation that they will become lifelong, informed voters at the age of 18. 

Kids voting will ultimately help student’s to become contributing and responsible members of society in years to come.  

The results from the MRH election:

Grades 2-6
U.S. House of Representatives
Lacy Clay, Democrat, (55.8 %)
Daniel J. Elder, Republican, (34.4 %)
Robb E. Cunningham, Libertarian, (10.02 %)

State Senate
Courtney Blunt, Republican, (62.79 %)
Joseph (Joe) Keaveny, Democrat, (37.21 %)

State Representative
Gina Mitten, Democrat, (46.53 %) 
Jeremy Buckingham, Republican, (20.83 %)
Stacey Newman Democrat, (16.67 %)
Andrew Bolin, Libertarian, (15.97 %)

Grades 7-12
U.S. House of Representatives 
Lacy Clay, Democrat, (68.59 %) 
Daniel J. Elder, Republican, (22.74 %)
Robb E. Cunningham, Libertarian, (8.66 %)

State Auditor
Sean O’Toole, Libertarian, (41.91 %) 
Tom Schweich, Republican, (39.34 %)
Rodney Farthing, Constitution, (18.75 %)

State Senate
Joseph (Joe) Keaveny, Democrat, (54.95 %)
Courtney Blunt, Republican, (45.05 %)

State Representative
Gina Mitten, Democrat, (60.07 %) 
Stacey Newman, Democrat, (14.55 %)
Jeremy Buckingham, Republican, (13.81 %)
Andrew Bolin, Libertarian, (11.57 %)

St. Louis County Executive
Steve Stenger, Democrat, (49.64 %)  
Theo (Ted) Brown, Libertarian, (32.12 %)
Rick Stream, Republican, (15.69 %)
Joe Passanise, Constitution, (2.55%)

Constitutional Amendment No. 3 (Proposed by Initiative Petition)
Yes - (32.12 %)
No - (67.88 %)

Constitutional Amendment No. 6 (Proposed by the 97th General Assembly)
Yes - (52.4 %)
No - (47.6%)

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.