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November 1, 2012

Involving Students In Decision-Making

Every four years our country elects or reelects a President to lead us into the future. As citizens of the United States,we choose to participate in the process and allow for our voices to be heard. In the MRH School District, developing thoughtful citizens is one of our cornerstones and an important aspect of the work we do at MRHE.

Over the next few weeks our students will have the opportunity to explore the political process, learn what it means to be an informed “voter” and cast their votes like so many of us will have the opportunity to do. Our Kids Voting initiative involves every student in our school. This learning experience includes learning about candidates for the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Vice President and President. In addition, our 6th graders will also learn about current issues that voters are considering on November 6th. Our students will then cast their votes. Once all of the votes are tabulated, our students will find out the results of their shared decision making. This is a great opportunity for our students to participate in a process that is a vital part of our citizenship.

Following Election Day, the MRHE school community will celebrate our veterans during the Grandfriends-Veterans Day celebration (November 8th). This special event allows our students the opportunity to say “thank you” to members of our community who sacrificed a great deal for each of us. This special morning
celebration will also provide an opportunity for our students to share with their “grandfriends” what occurs within their classroom. Veterans and “grandfriends” are welcome to join us from 7:30-10:00 am on Thursday, November 8th.

Through these two special events and others throughout the year, our goal is to involve our students in the decision making that many citizens participate in and also demonstrate an appreciation for those who have done so much for each of us.

Over the next two weeks, be sure to ask your child(ren) about their learning and invite them to share about these two important aspects of citizenship.

Respectfully, Jason Adams

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October 1, 2012

Strong Partnership with Families

Fall is here! I love this time of year as the leaves begin to change, the weather turns cooler, and the school year is in full swing. Fall also means report cards and parent-teacher conferences. MRH is unique in the opportunity we provide families and teachers to form partnerships through the Home Visit initiative. In addition to Home Visits, parent-teacher conferences provide the opportunity to continue that partnership. The MRH Elementary staff looks forward to welcoming you on Tuesday, October 23rd and Thursday, October 25th for parent-teacher conferences.

As I shared throughout the summer at the Parent Coffee meetings and at our Parent Information Night, a school can never stop trying to develop partnerships with families and ensure strong avenues for communication. In August we invited our families to share their feedback about school communication. After reviewing the feedback from many of you, we have decided to make the following changes in an effort to improve school-wide communication:

  • Transition from a monthly school newsletter to a bi-weekly school newsletter
  • Create an email system for families to receive the newsletters in a paperless format
  • Create both a Twitter and Facebook account for MRH Elementary that will provide another form of receiving updates from the school

In order to make these ideas a reality, we need your help! Attached to the October newsletter you will find an “Opt In” form, where you may indicate if you would like to receive the school newsletter in a paperless (email) form. If you do not return the completed form, we will continue to provide your family with a paper copy. I look forward to visiting with you throughout the fall and welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Jason Adams


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August 24, 2012

A Year of Learning, Joy, and Excitement

Dear MRHE Families,

The start of the school year is always an exciting time full of anticipation and promise for the things yet to come. As principal, please allow me to say “happy new year” and “welcome back”. I am confident that this school year will be full of learning, joy, and excitement.

As we begin our new journey, I believe clear and concise communication is essential to the heart of our school community. It is vital to the work that we ALL do to support our children in their development. As I shared in my summer letter, communication occurs at many levels. These include school-to-family, teacher-to-family,  family-to-family, student-to-family, and family-community. Our goal is to insure that all levels of communication are in place.

In an effort to receive feedback from you, I am inviting you to respond to a brief survey about specific aspects of communication at our school. In addition, there are several questions regarding our metaphor, School as Museum. Your honest opinion will be helpful as we strive to share all of the amazing things that make MRHE such a unique and wonderful place to be.

The survey link is available on the front page of our website. The survey will remain open until Friday, September 6th. I will discuss the results and the future of communication at MRHE during the Parent Information Night on Tuesday, September 11th. Your child’s teacher will also be discussing classroom expectations and communication on this evening as well. Please make note of this date…it is very
important that you are here to learn about our school and your child’s classroom for the school year.

Also coming home today in backpacks, you will find information about our After-School Clubs. Several of the clubs are returning from last year and several are brand new. I hope your children enjoy these extended learning opportunities.

Again, “happy new year” and “welcome back!” I am certain we have a great school year ahead of us.

Respectfully, Jason Adams

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July 1, 2012

The Power of Community

Welcome to the 2012-13 school year!

As the new principal, I am thrilled to join MRH Elementary: a student-centered school community characterized by high quality learning experiences and personalized service. This is the place to be!

Throughout the last few months I have enjoyed opportunities to listen and learn from staff members, parents, community members, and students. Many of these conversations have included what our school has to celebrate and areas where we can continue to improve. I am ready to lead the MRH Elementary community as we continue our quest for the success of every student.

As we enter our new school year, I would like to invite every member of our community to consider four key elements that must be in place in order for our community to continue to thrive: relationships, communication, excellence, and safety.

Relationships: When one looks at any successful community, genuine relationships are a key factor to their
success. Relationships are the foundation of all that we strive for at MRH Elementary. It is important that every member of our community (students, staff, parents) feels as though they belong and is connected to every other member. Our goal of ensuring our students become leaders, stewards, citizens, and scholars is the work of all of us. We cannot do this alone; we must work together. Relationships are key.

Communication: It is vital that every member of the MRH Elementary community knows and understands the important journey we have before us. The only way we can achieve this level of involvement is through clear and consistent communication. Communication occurs at many levels that include school-to-family, teacher-to family, family-to-family, student-to-family, and family-to-community. Our goal is to ensure that all levels of communication are in place. In the August edition of our newsletter, you will be invited to share your thoughts about the level of communication that exists at MRH Elementary. Your feedback is invaluable as we move forward as a community.

Excellence: Over the past few years, MRH Elementary has developed a culture of academic excellence that requires the very best from every member of our community. High expectations exist for the students of MRH Elementary and they in turn deserve the very best from the adults here to support them (staff and parents). As we move forward, we will strive to ensure that in every classroom and in every learning opportunity, our students will receive nothing less than the best. This is the goal we will work toward each day. Continually striving to do better is another important aspect of a thriving community.

Safety: In successful communities, every member of the community is accepted and viewed as a valuable member of the group effort. This should be the same for every member (students, staff, and parents) of the MRH Elementary community. Each person that enters our school deserves to be physically, emotionally, and socially safe. MRH Elementary is a place for everyone and we want everyone to feel safe and secure in our learning environment.

Now that we have identified the four key elements essential to the continued success of the MRH Elementary community, the important work of developing each of these elements begins. Throughout the course of the 2012-13 school year I invite each of you, as members of the MRH Elementary community, to join with other members of our community to ensure the continued success of every student. During the next few months there will be several opportunities for us to continue to engage in conversation about what is working in the MRH Elementary community and where we can continue to improve. Please check out the “events” section of the newsletter and the Announcements section of the Elementary website  for the dates and times. We need you there.

There are many new members coming into  the MRH Elementary community. I am genuinely excited that these individuals will be joining our staff. Each person brings a unique story to our school and a wide variety of experiences I am sure will compliment our work as a learning community. Join me in welcoming them to MRH.

While I look forward to meeting each of you during the important events over the next few months, please also know I welcome your individual phone call or email. Everyone is welcome at MRHE. I am looking forward to a year full of possibilities!

With Appreciation,
Jason Adams, Principal