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April 1, 2013

Preparing Your Child For Testing

I hope everyone “enjoyed” the last bit of winter weather we recently experienced. I cannot remember that much snow in one day in quite some time!

April is quickly approaching and with the month of April comes standardized testing. Our testing dates are: April 8 – 12 and again on April 15 – 18. Students in third through sixth grade will test in Communication Arts and Mathematics. Our 5th graders will also test in Science. During the two weeks of testing, our building wide schedule changes to allow for larger amounts of time for testing. Lunch schedules will stay the same, but some Art, Music, and P.E. times will change throughout the day.

As a school we strive to create a positive atmosphere during testing that communicates the importance of “doing your best” and at the same time doesn’t add additional stress and pressure to our children. As a family there are several things you can do to support your child during the time leading up to and during testing.

  • Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep. A goodnight’s sleep is crucial to ensuring your child is prepared both mentally and physically for a day of testing.
  • Allow for additional exercise and energy release during the evenings. Many of our testing days require longer periods of sitting and focus than what we normally expect. Children may need additional time to release their built up energy before the next day.
  • Be on time for school each morning. It is VERY important that our students are at school and on time during the testing window. We want everyone to participate and give 100%! Please make sure your child is on time each morning.
  • Talk to your child about how testing and the typical school day are different. As I shared above, it is unavoidable that our schedule changes during the two weeks of testing. This may cause some of our students who enjoy routine to experience some nervousness with the schedule changes.
  • Make healthy food choices. Each day of testing, the MRHE PTO will provide a healthy snack for our students. Please consider providing healthy food choices for your child’s lunch time.

As a school, we greatly appreciate your support during these few weeks of testing. We know and you know the stakes involved with standardized testing and we want to make sure our students are as confident and well prepared as ever.


Jason Adams

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