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September 20, 2011


MRHE Families,

On Curriculum Night we discussed many of the highlights with our achievement data and the progress we have made toward meeting Annual Yearly Progress (AYP).  I want to ensure that it was clear when I communicated MAP test scores and we were "Proficient" in a particular area, that actually means "Proficient or Advanced."  The state lumps the two categories together for AYP reporting purposes, so you are considered Proficient or Not.  For example, the first image below, shows that 3/5 of our student subgroups were considered proficient ("proficient" or "advanced").    All of our student subgroups in math were considered proficient as well (which means "proficient" or "advanced").    

Here is a closer look at the MAP data for math.  This is what I shared in my presentation at Curriculum Night.  It's interesting to look at Grade 3 for 2010 and compare them to Grade 4 for 2011 to see the growth of the same class of students over one year.  If you take a look at the chart below and look at your child's class for 2010 and compare it to where they were in the spring of 2011, I think you will be very happy.  The numbers in parentheses are the state of MO average scores, which are not listed for 2011 at this time.

Summary of MAP Mathematics
Percent Scoring Advanced and Proficient, Grades 3-12

As mentioned above, you can look at the Communication Arts breakdown in a similar fashion.  I am impressed with the gains of Grade 3 from 2010 to Grade 4 in 2011. 

Summary of MAP Communication Arts
Percent Scoring Advanced and Proficient, Grades 3-12

Students are taught the board approved curriculum at each grade level.  The "intervention" time allows us to really focus in on exactly what the students needs (enrichment or re-teaching) to help them become more successful.  I assure you that your children are and will continue to be challenged.  We discussed how the 20 minute per day intervention time is provided for all students.  I want you to know that every child receives an "intervention" at their own level.  Some parents may view the term "intervention" as remediation, when it is not.  It is simply putting the necessary supports in place for a student to take them to the next level.  This time of the day is very important and helps students practice in a very targeted, individualized pace to provide them with what they need.

I would like to share with you some other data to inform you on how many of our students at each grade level are in the Advanced category from MAP:
Communication Arts:
                    2011       2010
3rd Grade    35.4%    17.3%    
4th Grade    31.6%    22.8
5th Grade    22.9%    17.6%
6th Grade    21.5%    23.5%

                    2011        2010
3rd Grade    23.2%    5.3%
4th Grade    22.4%    0%
5th Grade    23.5%    15.9%
6th Grade    21.5%    7.4%

I know this is a lot of data, but I did want to clarify and assure you that we are focusing on our students at the proficient levels and continuing to challenge them and to perform at the advanced levels.  As you can see above, we made a great deal of growth with our students entering the advanced levels. Our students are excelling!

Also, our academic achievement gap is beginning to close in both Communication Arts and Math.  This is very exciting and we still have more work to do in this area.  

Dr. Tony Arnold