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October 1, 2011

October Newsletter

Creating Leadership Opportunities for Our Students

This year, we have our 6th grade students running the Ch97 Broadcast each morning. I had the wonderful experience a few weeks back to watch the students live from “behind the scenes.” I was absolutely amazed by their hard work and commitment to making their daily installment excellent. This responsibility provides them with an authentic audience and a “real” product each day. I’m sure that Ron Berger, author of An Ethic of Excellence, would see this work as very valuable to our students’ lives.

Last spring, we began training students to be in charge of our bus checklist duty. Teachers worked side by
side with students, ensuring that they were being careful and responsible with this task. The students exceeded our expectations! This year, our master schedule has student leaders in charge of bus duty every day. There are two teachers on bus duty, supervising all of the students, instead of the 7 or more teachers from last year. This little change has really set a positive tone with our students. They are responsible. They love being in charge of this task and see the importance of it. Younger students see this role, and they are eager to eventually be the leader!

Earlier this week, I reminded a 6th grade student that was running in the hallway to walk. I asked, “Do you know why I asked you to come over here?” His reply surprised me. With an unusual combination of remorse and pride, he said, “Yes, because I’m a 6th grade leader and role model. I need to show the little kids how to walk in the halls. ” Who could argue with this? I couldn’t do anything but pat him on the back. I am proud to see our students taking on more responsibilities and becoming the leaders I know they are!


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