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April 6, 2020


April 6, 2020



Dear MRHE Families, 


This continues to be a difficult time for our country, our community, and our families. Please know your students are deeply missed by the staff. We want nothing more than to hear the school bell ring and for our students to walk through the doors of MRHE.


As I shared last week, we heard your feedback regarding the first phase of remote learning and adjustments have been made for this next phase. All K-6 learning going forward will utilize the online system itsLearning. This system has been used by MRH Middle School and MRH High School for some time. Over the last few days, all ECC and MRHE teachers have participated in training related to this system, but please know, this journey is very new for us (as it is for you) and we have to work together to support our students.


Your child's teacher will communicate with each family tomorrow (Tuesday, April 8th) regarding itsLearning log in information for your student(s). In addition, they will share helpful video tutorials that will show you and your students how to log into the system, how to access lessons, how to turn in assignments, and how they will share feedback regarding the learning.


How Will itsLearning Work? 

Beginning Wednesday, April 8th, lessons will appear for your student to complete in their itsLearning account. These lessons will remain available to be completed over the next seven days (including the weekend). Each Wednesday after that, new lessons will appear for students to complete. 


There will not be “daily” lessons. Instead the lessons will all be provided up front each Wednesday, so families and students can continue to have flexibility as to when they complete their assignments. 


How Many Lessons Are Available Each Week? 

As I shared last week, we have reduced the number of lessons going forward and are only focusing on grade-level priorities. Each set of lessons (Wednesday-Wednesday) will include the following: 


6 Communication Arts Lessons (3 for Reading and 3 for Writing)

3 Math Lessons

2 Science Lessons

2 Social Studies Lessons

2 PE/Health Lessons

1 Art Lesson

1 Music Lesson

1 Seed to Table Lesson


In addition, each lesson has optional extension activities that are included for students and families who want to explore more related to that particular subject. 


How Will My Child Turn in Their Assignments? 

All student assignments can be completed directly in itsLearning. Teachers can provide feedback to students in itsLearning as well. 


Teacher “Office Hours”, Communication Protocol, and Google Meet 

Through the first week of implementing itsLearning, we will continue to offer our “Teacher Help Desk”. Each grade-level team will continue to provide support Monday - Friday, beginning at 7:00am and ending at 7:00pm. Each grade-level teacher will still take a two hour shift. As a reminder, we have created this 12 hour window of support to help as many families as we can, as soon as we can. 


If you or your child has a question regarding the lessons, you still have two options for help. 


1.) Email your child’s teacher directly. Teachers will be checking emails periodically through the work day (7:15am-2:45pm). 


2.) Email your grade-level HELP email which is included below. This email account can be accessed by all class grade-level teachers throughout the day (M-F, 7:00am-7:00pm) and whoever is on call during that time will reach out to you. These email addresses may have a faster response time.


In either situation, when sending the email, please continue to provide the question you have and a good phone number where you or your child can be reached. They will either reply to the email or you will receive a call offering assistance. 


In addition, our staff is learning how to use Google Meet, a video conferencing system, that allows for two way video and audio communication. Going forward, Google Meet can be used by teachers for individual student/family communication related to student learning.


Students Who Receive Additional Supports:

Families of students who work with Mr. Lyons for E4, Mrs. Weaver and/or Ms. Steinbrueck for individualized math programs will receive their lessons through itsLearning as well. Students who receive additional support through an IEP will be contacted separately by the child’s case manager with next steps for their individualized needs as well. Students who work with Mrs. Mueller, Ms. Zaegal, Mrs. Parker, and Ms. Knapp for individualized literacy programs, will receive a separate email with details of how they will be supporting your student. 


Technology Support:

MRH will continue to provide tech support for MRH devices and/or MRH online programs. MRH cannot troubleshoot Internet issues or systems issues related to your personal device. You will need to contact your Internet or system provider for questions related to these issues. The technology support number is 314-446-3999.


Please leave a message that includes the issue you are having, the best number you can be reached, and an email address. This information is important so we can route the technology work orders to the appropriate personnel. A member of the tech team will respond as soon as possible.


Continued Counseling Support for Students:

We know this continues to be a stressful time for our students. Our counselors, Mr. Byrne and Mrs. Thomas, have daily office hours. You can email them at or to schedule a check in or seek advice in how you can support your child during this time.


It cannot be said enough how much the staff of MRHE appreciate your support during this time. We know families are dealing with so much and our goal is to partner with you to ensure your students continue learning and to continue to offer as much support as we can through this process.


With Care,



Jason Adams


MRH Elementary School

MRHSD | 1800 Princeton Place, St. Louis, MO 63117