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September 14, 2020

MRHE Museum Memo from Dr. Thompson





I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I shared this quote with our staff today, and decided it was good for all of us as adults as we are navigating the unknown in COVID times.


"It's ok if you're confused. Just remember confusion is not a stopping point but an action indicator, just a signal to go learn. The only real confusion is thinking that you're supposed to know everything." -Brandon Burchard


There isn't a parent, child, or educator who isn't learning A LOT and very quickly right now. At times, confusion, frustration, and passion come with this new learning, unlearning, or re-learning. I am, at times, struggling as a parent trying to navigate through my boys' learning systems at their schools, feeling anxious due to too much or too little communication, and simply trying to support them based on what they need and deserve. We are all going to experience confusion at some point during this virtual learning experience. How we handle it, how we reach out and get support when we need it, and how we learn and grow from it is ultimately what will bring us closer to that confidence and comfort we are all seeking. Parents/guardians cannot know it all. Our kids cannot know it all. Our staff cannot know it all. I do not know it all. We must give each other and ourselves GRACE because we are learning, unlearning and re-learning so much each day.


That said, we are SO proud of what the students are doing each day to grow their own confidence and learn from each other. I'm also in awe of what our staff have done to help orient all students to learning. Your feedback has been helpful and has allowed us to continue to reflect and address any gaps. It really has been a team effort.


Part of how we reflect and evolve is through professional learning, and we are so thankful to have time for this in the MRH district. Our first early release day is this Wednesday, September 16th! Our staff have already or will communicate their morning plans to you and the students. Please have a conversation with your child(ren) about your expectations that afternoon as well.


We will soon open up stewardships with the chickens and gardens. Of course, we will have safety protocols in place. Thanks to the many of you who have expressed an interest in this!


5th grade families: please see an email from Cheryl O'Connor today about your laptop exchange process.


Have a great week!


Dr. Thompson on behalf of the MRHE Staff

Food Service pick-up hours

Every Tuesday and Friday 11am-1pm


Tuesday: get food for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Friday: get food for Friday and Monday

Early Release Days

Our first 1/2 day is this week-Wednesday, September 16th. These afternoons, just as they were in previous years, are used to support professional learning for our staff. In the past, MRHE held "multi-age groups and activities" on the mornings of early release days. When the time is right, we will return to these groups. For now, our Early Release days will look like:

  • Students will be engaged in learning 8am-noon.
  • Teachers will still hold their daily class meetings, take attendance, and communicate the plans for the day.
  • Teachers (including specialists and interventionists) will have learning activities planned for students--already uploaded in their learning platform; however, there will be no "live" lessons on zoom that day. This is called "ASYNCHRONOUS" learning.
  • Teachers will still have 90 minutes of office hours for students to ask questions and to get support on their learning activities. That plan will be communicated by classroom teachers.


MapleGOOD, is a mutual aid organization of neighbors helping neighbors, that was started in Maplewood by a couple of MRH residents at the start of the pandemic and has grown incredibly since. MapleGOOD is responsible for numerous meal deliveries to families, medication deliveries to our elderly neighbors, mask trees at bus stops, and now working to support families and students during this bizarre Fall semester. We’re currently organizing volunteers to offer some virtual and socially distant programs and overall support to our school families. To do that, we have created an intake form that can be completed online or by phone if needed for both interested volunteers and for families looking for additional support. That form ( can be found on the MapleGOOD website.

Updated MRHE Remote Library Hours


Requests: anytime through completing request form in the itslearning library course



Pick-up: Monday- Friday from 11am-6pm at school entrance on Glades Ave. 



Return: Monday - Friday from 11am-6pm at school entrance on Glades Ave.



Delivery: Thursday and Friday via contactless door drop-off

Thank you for all you are doing to assist us in helping our learners connect with their online learning! We are so MRHE PROUD of the engagement of all.

MRH Elementary School | 1800 Princeton Place, St. Louis, MO 63117