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September 28, 2020

Dr. Thompson's MRHE Museum Memo: 9/28-10/2






Happy Monday to you and your family! Last week was a busy one here at MRHE. Thank you to all of the adults at home who helped get our learners where they needed to be for our STAR 360 testing. It was definitely a first for everyone--trying to administer a test like that during virtual learning, but it was done with very few issues. These results will allow us to provide specific instruction to students based on their individual needs. On Friday, our staff had the day to collaborate around best practices within each content area, continuing to keep equitable learning experiences at the forefront of their thinking. Their attention to access, representation, and student voice was so impressive as they planned with ALL of YOUR child(ren) in mind. We are in such great hands with this team of caring educators.


You may have noticed that our teachers have gradually begun shifting toward more asynchronous learning each week. Our goal is to find a healthy balance for all in the live video conferencing lessons versus the supported yet asynchronous learning. This will give our staff an opportunity to focus on small group and individual support throughout the content blocks and within the Support/Practice blocks. This gradual shift is very similar to what we would be doing for students if they were in the building at this time. We have taught, modeled, and practiced our routines and daily expectations, and we will be intentional about empowering our learners to demonstrate their independence. Our staff will continue to teach, model, and practice routines as they prepare their learners for a variety of learning experiences each day--as appropriate for the age of the learners and the complexity of the learning. Let me reiterate: we will still have live daily class meetings for community building and social interaction, and there will still be live instruction each week in whole group, small group, and individual sessions. During their Support/Practice blocks, ALL students should be engaged in their teacher-designated tasks, intervention groups, and/or individual learning.


The Board of Education would like student input and feedback regarding the hiring of the next Superintendent. Please complete this survey.


Finally, it is Spirit Week at MRHE! We all deserve to have a little fun with this; although, I think I was the lone individual dressed in stripes and polka dots with two different earrings today. Feel the MRHE SPIRIT and join us!




Dr. Thompson on behalf of the MRHE Staff



Chef Marino is looking for helping hands to complete the end-of-season garden chores. Registration is required! No more than 4 people per time slot. Volunteers must wear masks and practice physical distancing. Personal protective equipment including masks, hand sanitizer and latex gloves will be available.

  • Saturday, October 10, 12:30 and 1:30
  • Saturday, October 24, 12:30 and 1:30

Sign up here:



Please contact Chef Marino if you are interested in becoming a chicken/garden steward. For about 90 minutes a week (only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), you and your family can really assist our school garden and chickens.


There will be safety protocols in place, of course. Email Chef Marino for details and dates!


Is your child needing additional support with work completion, being walked through the learning platform(s), additional time and support to process through assignments, organizational assistance, etc.?


Parents and guardians for Tiers Plan students: if you are interested in pursuing this support, please reach out to your child's teacher who will coordinate with the assigned MRHE Learning Lab teacher directly.  


The Learning Lab runs Monday-Thursday from 5:30pm-7:00pm.  



3rd/Ms. Felchner: 672 725 7706/Password: MRH

4th/Mrs. Datema: 958 7057 3772/Password: 4THLAB

5th/Ms. Knutson: 918 1308 0143/Password: MRHE5

6th/Ms. Howard: 947 0979 9384/Password: sixth

Thank you for all you are doing to assist us in helping our learners connect with their online learning! We are so MRHE PROUD of the engagement of all.

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