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School as Museum

At MRH we have developed metaphors that are used in our schools to describe the teaching and learning that takes place there.

Elementary School
At MRH Elementary, teaching and learning are focused through the “School As Museum” metaphor. Students become curators and docents as they put their learning on display with two museum exhibits for peers, families, and the public. These museum exhibits provide for extensive use of reading and writing across the curriculum and encourage the use of technology. Field trips reinforce and extend learning and are often focused on museums.

As students experience museum exhibits, they learn about creating their own exhibits that bring research, study, and presentation skills to life.

Upcoming Museum Opening Dates

  • 6th Grade exhibit - Social Justice

Museums Openings are scheduled throughout the year. Most museums remain intact for viewing up to a month after the original opening date. If you miss the opening and would like to schedule a time during the day to view an exhibit, please call 314-644-4403.

6th graders working on 2012 Family Treasures Exhibit


A Whole New Mind
By Daniel Pink

An Ethic of Excellence
By Ron Berger

Five Minds for the Future  
By Howard Gardner   




"Learning on Display:
Student-Created Museums That Build Understanding"
by Linda D’Acquisto

Field Experience

Partnerships are very important to our metaphor work at MRHE. Partnerships include relationships with families, community organizations, and other museums. Over the course of a child's experience at MRHE our students benefit from partnerships and field experiences with the following organizations and museums:

Current Community Partnership

Gateway Arch