Promoting education, health, and wellness, by connecting children to the natural world.

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Seed to Table kids
This unique program provides a child-centered environment that helps our students learn from the natural world around them. With its focus on nature, the life cycle of plants, and the study of nutrition, we are preparing students to make decisions to promote their own health, the health of the community, and the health of the planet.

The goals of our program are:

  • Promote principles of sustainability and stewardship
  • Teach respect for nature and the environment
  • Teach the basic principles of organic gardening
  • Engage in hands-on exploration of food and nutrition
  • Emphasize healthy lifestyle choices
  • Promote the value of cooperation, teamwork, responsibility and sense of place
  • Use the garden as an outdoor classroom
  • Create a sense of community among students, teachers, parents and members of the community
  • Support all areas of the curriculum using the natural world as the tool.
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