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High School COVID-19 Resources

MRH Ongoing Meal Distribution

Click here for pickup times and locations

Helping Families Cope

MRH Community Resources: Covid-19

Weekend on Wheels Offering Weekly Food Bags Beginning April 16

Healthy Adults for Healthy Kids: Modeling in the Time of COVID-19

We all recognize that for many of our families, this pandemic crisis is making a difficult home situation even worse.  As part of a regional response, there has been a coordinated effort by area school districts to simplify the search for resources for those in need.  Please click on the flier link below.

Family Resources Flier

Video Messages From Your HS Principals and Teachers

May 17 Final Week Message from Dr, Grawer

May 13 Message to the Community from Supt. Dr. Karen Hall

May 10 Message from Dr. Peyton

May 4 Message from Dr. Smith

April 25 Mobile Message from Dr. Grawer

April 23 TikTok by Dr. Peyton

April 22: Christian Hagens is a "chip" off the old block.

April 22 TikTok from Dr. Peyton: You can do it!

How do you feel, Dr. Peyton?

April 20 Confession from Dr. Peyton

April 19 Message from Principal Peyton

April 12 Message from Dr. Smith

April 6, 2020 Video from Dr. Grawer

Saturday, March 28

Wednesday, March 25

Remote Instruction

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we adjust to the circumstances in our world to ensure maximum safety and health for all, we have shut down our physical school space in accordance with our local, state and national authorities.  While this shutdown is extremely important to ensure the limit of the spread of the coronavirus, we are still a school community that will pursue teaching and learning from a different format for the time being.   Understanding the value of quarantine.  

Teaching and Learning/Tech Support:

We have completed roughly 76% of our school year within our building but we still have 24% to go.  The teaching and learning will continue and we will interact with our content and students via our Its Learning curriculum and teaching website. All of our HS students use and reference Its Learning daily to interact with their curriculum.  They are familiar with it and in this new distance learning platform our Its Learning site will take on a heightened role. Our teachers are working hard to populate learning experiences on Its Learning.  Teachers will have their daily class plans up for that day (we are still following our A-B, 4-class a day schedule) by 8:30 AM each day. The plans will be a mix of reading links, educational videos, educational links related to the topic of the day, and student work/practice opportunities. Our e-learning courses will begin full force on Wednesday, March 25th, an A-day.  Yes, we will continue organizing our classes around our A-B daily schedule.

Teachers will be available each day via school email for students.  If students have any questions, teachers are ready to respond as each teacher has a designated 2 hour “office hour” time period each school day to work on those very emails. Here is a link when all teachers in middle school and high school will have office hours along with a link to their email.    

If you need tech support, click here.  

In order to assist families and the community during this time, Charter Spectrum has committed to offering special discounts or 2-months of free internet and Wifi service to families of K-12 students who need remote education if they meet certain criteria.  For more information regarding this program, please see the following link: Coronavirus Internet Offer for Students.  

If you do not have Wi-Fi access in your home please email me at

Parent/Guardian Roles in Student Distance Learning

What can you do as a parent/guardian to help support your student’s learning during this time? 

  • Well, for one, you can help ensure students spend time daily online interacting with their class content each day.  

  • You can also help create a space/time where they interact with their learning materials.  I realize parents/guardians have jobs, other kids to take care of and a plethora of other things to worry about so we appreciate any support you can give. We do know who is interacting on It’s Learning and can use that to mark daily attendance.  

  • Here are some daily questions to ask your student:  “What 4 classes did you have today?” “Talk to me about your learning session in _____class?”  “What do you still have to get done?” “Did you interact on Its Learning today?”  “Do you need to email a teacher for anything?”

We realize this is a new mode of learning and we are also learning as we go.  We appreciate your patience and support!

Students With IEPs

Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) will be provided with lessons and activities to support their learning as it relates to IEP goals. IEP Case Managers and other special education staff (Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, etc.) will be in contact via email with families regarding next steps and to provide lessons and/or support. Students will receive lessons and/or staff support for each area of service on their IEP. For special education classes (Foundations courses, Learning Strategies, CBVI), the special education teacher will provide lessons. For CWC classes, the general education teacher will provide lessons and the special education staff will be available to provide learning support, accommodations, and modifications. Completed work can be turned in electronically or it can be turned in on paper when school resumes. Additionally, all MRH staff are committed to ensuring accommodations and modifications are provided so that students with IEPs can continue to access meaningful learning activities. Special education staff will be available for support, at minimum, between 7:45 and 3:15 each school day. The first point of contact for families is your child’s special education Case Manager (Teacher or SLP). Ben Gleason, Special Education Coordinator for MRH, is also available at

Need for Counseling

We know this may be a stressful time for our students.  Students are at an age when they may feel distanced from their peers and now we are asking them to purposely practice social distancing. Our counselors, Mr. Harcharic and Mrs. Kravitz will also have regular office hours.  Students can email them at or  and they will reach out to them via email or phone. If students are in need to speak with someone immediately, Youth Connection Helpline is available at 314-819-8802, text: BHEARD to 31658, or webchat: http::// 

Of course, if anyone has ANY questions/concerns, please email me at  You can also call my office phone at 314-446-3801 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.