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April 20, 2020


Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

Seniors and Senior Parents: Please keep Saturday, July 25th at 7 PM open as a future possible graduation date/time at MRH HS if the quarantine is lifted. If it is not lifted, we will work on alternative options and inform all of upcoming plans as soon as info is available.

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What's Happening This Week?

Events and Birthdays This week: April 20-24, 2020


Dr. Peyton's Video Message For the Week of April 20


Monday-A day, Birthday wishes to Nyah Posley

Tuesday- B day, 4th quarter progress reports due today

Wednesday-A day, Birthday wishes to Eva Perez and Mrs. Carmon, We plan to mail progress reports home today for the 4th quarter

Thursday-B day, Birthday wishes to Sam Pickering

Friday- A day, Birthday wishes to Maddox Keeter, Counselor led e-learning intervention team meetings today



A note on Final Exams:

We will NOT be taking final exams this semester. Our content learning will continue with regular informal checks for understanding without a traditional final exam.



If you have a sick student, the absence procedure is still the same. Just email Debbie Phillips at MRH HS Absent email


When is the last day of school?

Seniors last day of school is May 15 and grades 9-11 final day of school is still May 22nd.

Student/Family Connections

"I hope you might consider this: what happened is inexplicably incredible. It’s the greatest gift ever unwrapped. Not the deaths, not the virus, but The Great Pause. It is, in a word, profound. What the crisis has given us is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see ourselves and our country in the plainest of views. At no other time, ever in our lives, have we gotten the opportunity to see what would happen if the world simply stopped. Here it is. We’re in it. Stores are closed. Restaurants are empty. Streets and six-lane highways are barren. Even the planet itself is rattling less (true story). And because it is rarer than rare, it has brought to light all of the beautiful and painful truths of how we live. And that feels weird. Really weird. Because it has…never…happened…before." -Julio Vincent Gambuto

Above, Coach Spinks shows his tender side

Tech repair protocols


Family Covid Resources

Student/Parent Support Links

Neck Rolls Self Care Video

Parent Roles in Student Virtual Learning


Student Lunch Pick-Up Info


Staff office hours and email links

MRH HS Trivia

Last week's trivia: This senior will be attending Colorado College next year. Answer-Whitney Schranz



?This Week's Trivia: This senior will be attending Texas State University next year






Isaiah with the catch of the day!


With Blue Devil Pride,

Dr. Grawer 

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