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April 26, 2020


Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

Seniors and Senior Parents Update #2: Please keep Saturday, July 25th at 7 PM open as a future possible graduation date/time at MRH HS if the quarantine is lifted. Assuming our graduation ceremony is permitted per county ordinance, know our ceremony will likely be "different" as we respect social distancing expectations and there may be attendance limitations. We are also partnering with a SPOT Content Studio Production Company to produce a professionally-made virtual version of our graduation ceremony to share with all seniors and their families on July 25th so everyone can experience, in some way, our class of 2020 graduation.

MRH HS Website

What's Happening This Week?

Events and Birthdays This week: April 27-May 1st, 2020

We are resending via mail the correct 4th quarter progress reports early this week!

Dr. Grawer driving around school weekly video update


Monday-B day

Tuesday- A day

Wednesday-B day, Birthday wishes to Laila Patterson

Thursday-A day, Birthday wishes to Braden Rodriguez

Friday- B day, Birthday wishes to Alaa Hamedi, Hadel Hamedi


Weekend Birthday Wishes to:

Lydia Grawer, Eleanor Aughey and Jude Tanner.


A note on Final Exams:

We will NOT be taking final exams this semester. Our content learning will continue with regular informal checks for understanding without a traditional final exam.


Our final week of classes for grades 9-11 will look like this:

Monday, May 18-B day

Tuesday, May 19-A day

Wednesday, May 20-B day

Thursday, May 21-A day

Friday, May 22-B day (last day for grades 9-11)

If you have a sick student, the absence procedure is still the same. Just email Debbie Phillips at MRH HS Absent email


When is the last day of school?

Seniors last day of school is May 15 and grades 9-11 final day of school is still May 22nd.

Student/Family Connections

“Imagine you just got your driver’s license. You’re starting to date. Your team finally clinched the playoffs. Prom is right around the corner. But now you’re stuck all day at home, within 100 feet of your parents, for conceivably months on end… Although adolescents are not considered high risk from a medical perspective, they are still facing very real social and emotional challenges… It is essential that we all look out for adolescents, be sympathetic to their frustrations, and make sure that they have the resources and supports in place for optimal development. We’re about to see what happens when we turn up the volume on families and turn it down on schools.” -Leah Lessard and Paul Von Hippel


Dr. Welker and his dog Scooter


NEW: A great daily planner for students and parents to use


Tech repair protocols


Family Covid Resources

Student/Parent Support Links

Cloud Visualization Relaxation Technique

Parent Roles in Student Virtual Learning


Student Lunch Pick-Up Info


Staff office hours and email links

MRH HS Trivia

Last week's trivia: This senior will be attending Texas State University next year. Answer-Trinity Finnegan


This Week's Trivia: This student will be attending Park Point University in Pittsburgh, PA next year.



10th grader Cassie Askew with her dog Max


With Blue Devil Pride,

Dr. Grawer 

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