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May 3, 2020


Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

Seniors and Senior Parents Update #3: Please click on: Latest Senior Letter for Seniors/Parents Also, Senior Parents, please feel free to share any lifelong photos of your senior at This Senior photo link (I already put mine in for my senior student) and be sure to label the folder with your senior's name. We want to include these pictures in our virtual graduation video montage.

MRH HS Website

What's Happening This Week?

Events and Birthdays This week: May 4-May 8, 2020

Dr. Smith's Video For This Week From Tower Grove Park


Monday-A day

Tuesday- B day, Happy Birthday Zoe Williams

Wednesday-A day, Birthday wishes to Lilian Conger and William Matz, Elizabeth Hanrahan

Thursday B day, Birthday wishes to Levi Shafer

Friday- A day, Birthday wishes to Aniyah Gregory


Weekend Birthday Wishes to:

Keegan LaRose


A note on Final Exams:

We will NOT be taking final exams this semester.


Our final week of classes for grades 9-11 will look like this:

Monday, May 18-B day

Tuesday, May 19-A day

Wednesday, May 20-B day

Thursday, May 21-A day

Friday, May 22-B day (last day for grades 9-11)

Thanks to our awesome MRH Booster Club for these beautiful senior graduation signs!


If you have a sick student, the absence procedure is still the same. Just email Debbie Phillips at MRH HS Absent email


When is the last day of school?

Seniors last day of school is May 15 and grades 9-11 final day of school is still May 22nd.

Student/Family Connections

"We are all in unchartered territories. We haven’t had to make life work this way before. This means our children are going to push boundaries, test limits, and not get along with the others in your house. Take a deep breath, offer grace, and redirect behaviors. I often will count to 10 in my head before I respond or simply walk out of the room when I am frustrated. Yes, our children see us at our best and at our worst. But if there’s a time to give grace and second chances, it’s now."

-Adam Drummond


Mrs. Potthoff reacting to her teacher of the year award back in September


NEW: A great daily planner for students and parents to use


Tech repair protocols


Family Covid Resources

Student/Parent Support Links

Nostril Breathing Technique

Parent Roles in Student Virtual Learning


Student Lunch Pick-Up Info


Staff office hours and email links


Covid Statistics in the USA

MRH HS Trivia

Last week's trivia: his student will be attending Park Point University in Pittsburgh, PA next year. Answer-Gwen Robb

This Week's Trivia: This student will be attending Augustana College next year.



Karla and Angela Suazo and their dog Santo


With Blue Devil Pride,

Dr. Grawer 

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