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May 10, 2020


Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE! It's the final week of school for seniors! Also, Senior Parents, please feel free to share any lifelong photos of your senior at This Senior photo link (I already put mine in for my senior student) and be sure to label the folder with your senior's name. We want to include these pictures in our virtual graduation video montage.

MRH HS Website

What's Happening This Week?

Events and Birthdays This week: May 11-15, 2020

Dr. Peyton's video for this week


Senior Clearance Schedule


Monday-A day

Tuesday- B day, Happy Birthday Ellen Powell, Gabe Anderson, Senior clearance last names A-G

Wednesday-A day, Senior clearance for last names H-Maj

Thursday B day, senior clearance for last names Mart-Sier

Friday- A day, Final day for seniors! Senior clearance last names Sim-Z


Weekend Birthday Wishes to:

Josiah Ayres and Anthony Richart


A note on Final Exams:

We will NOT be taking final exams this semester.


Our final week of classes for grades 9-11 will look like this:

Monday, May 18-B day

Tuesday, May 19-A day

Wednesday, May 20-B day

Thursday, May 21-A day

Friday, May 22-B day (last day for grades 9-11)

9th grade flashback photo of Heather Holub and Courtland Conley


Mr. Dittrich and Mr. Grawer's message on Prop-E



When is the last day of school?

Seniors last day of school is May 15 and grades 9-11 final day of school is still May 22nd.

Student/Family Connections

"Is it possible to recognize a life-changing moment while it is happening? Or does the significance of those moments only become visible after the fact.A life-changing moment happens in a blink. It's the moment where faith overcomes fear. It's the first step toward a new reality, a step that permanently alters your dreams and changes the way you think about life--forever."

-Thomas A. Murray

NEW: A great daily planner for students and parents to use


Tech repair protocols


Family Covid Resources

Student/Parent Support Links

Nose Plug Breathing Technique-Relaxation

Parent Roles in Student Virtual Learning


Student Lunch Pick-Up Info


Staff office hours and email links


Covid Statistics in the USA

MRH HS Trivia

Last week's trivia: This student will be attending Augustana College next year.

Answer-Jonathan Schaffner


This Week's Trivia: This senior is headed to Seattle University next year


Flashback Photo: Josh Clark after the state track meet


With Blue Devil Pride,

Dr. Grawer 

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