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April 3, 2020; Please enjoy Mr. Dittrich's celebration dance for the first full week of remote learning!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Remote Instruction

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The goal of this letter is to inform you about teaching and learning, counseling needs, tech support, and how parents can help. 

Teaching and Learning:

The teaching and learning will continue and our students and teachers will interact on-line through Its Learning and other teaching websites. MS students already use and reference Its Learning and they are familiar with it. Teachers will have their daily class plans up for that day (we are still following our A-B, 4-class a day schedule) by 8:30 AM each day.  The length of time that students will be working may vary per class, but it is not expected that students are sitting at their computer from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm working as in a traditional school day. Expect approximately 40-60 minutes of instruction per class, with 4 classes each day. All courses will begin on Wednesday, March 25th, an A-day. While teachers do have scheduled office hours, feel free to break up the learning that takes place throughout the day. 

Teachers will be available each day via Its Learning, chat or school email for students. If students have any questions, teachers are ready to respond as each teacher has a designated 2 hour “office hour” time period each school day to respond to students and parents. Of course, if anyone has any questions/concerns, please email me at  You can also call my office phone at 314-446-6604 and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Here is a link when all teachers in middle school and high school will have office hours along with a link to their email. 

Need for Counseling

We know this may be a stressful time for our students. Students are at an age when they may feel distanced from their peers and now we are asking them to purposely practice social distancing. Our counselor, Ms. Brown, will also have regular office hours. Students can email Ms. Brown and she will reach out to them via email or phone. If students are in need to speak with someone immediately, Youth Connection Helpline is available at 314-819-8802, text: BHEARD to 31658, or webchat:

Technology Support during Remote Learning

MRH will provide tech support for MRH devices and/or MRH online programs. MRH cannot troubleshoot Internet issues or systems issues related to your personal device. You will need to contact your Internet or system provider for questions related to these issues. For MRH School District technology support, click here. Please leave a message that includes the issue you are having, the best number you can be reached, and an email address. This information is important so we can route the technology work orders to the appropriate personnel. A member of the tech team will respond as soon as possible.

 In order to assist families and the community during this time, Charter Spectrum has committed to offering special discounts or 2-months of free internet and WIFI service to families of K-12 students who need remote education if they meet certain criteria. For more information regarding this program, please see the following link: Coronavirus Internet Offer for Students.

What can Parents/Guardians do to help us during this time? 

  • Help ensure students spend time daily online interacting with their class content each day.  

  • Create a space/time where they interact with their learning materials. 

  • Ask your students questions throughout the day:

    •  “What 4 classes did you have today?”

    •  “Talk to me about your learning session in _____class?”

    •  “What do you still have to get done?”

    •   “Do you need to email a teacher for anything

Please let me know how I can continue to care and maintain high expectations for our students and staff.

Michael Dittrich, Principal

MRHMS Middle School