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September 21, 2012


Eighth Grade Raises the Bar

students participating in a science experiment Eighth grade has gotten off to a great start and academics are in full swing. In social studies, we are jumping back into the English colonies. Students will be exploring regional differences and similarities of the colonies and what tensions led to the road for independence. In early October, students will be creating projects to participate in 150th anniversary celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation. In an art integration, students will be creating poetry, photography, or digital films about the theme freedom in US history  and how it impacts them today.

In science, we are starting the year studying Systems Thinking. This is the process of understanding how
things influence one another within a whole. Students are learning a series of tools like behavior of time
graphs, connection circles, and feedback loops. By using these tools students will be able to think critically
about systems and find places to make fixes and cause positive change. 

In Math 8, we have been exploring the structure and painting of bridges, the costs of owning a car wash, and even the breeding of Chihuahuas as we are learning all about lines, their equations, graphs, and tables in context. In Algebra 1, we have been studying patterns expressions, and equations in the context of running a charity benefit event, running a lemonade stand, and now working for a furniture store. The students have also been utilizing a program called IXL for online skill practice. 

In eighth grade communication arts, students are learning The Ins and Outs of Fiction with The Outsiders.
We can learn much about others and ourselves through fiction. Reading about and analyzing the motivations, dilemmas, and actions of fictional characters provide insights  into real life and real people. Our fiction unit began with S.E. Hinton’s classic, The Outsiders. In addition to The Outsiders,we will continue to explore fiction during quarter one with an independent reading book and project. Lastly, we will explore fiction through writing by creating our own chapter or an alternate ending to the one of the novels using the literary elements and writing skills learned in class.  

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