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October 12, 2012


Success at Camp Lakewood

As with all of the expeditions, Camp Lakewood was an opportunity to take our learning into the field and experience first hand what we have only read about and built upon in the classroom.   Students spent a major portion of their time building capacity as a member of a team.  Within the team concept students
explored how to learn as a member of a team, how to help the team learn, and how the team benefits from each set of unique skills and personalities of the individual members.  Working collaboratively is a major skill needed for today’s fast-paced, team-oriented careers and we take collaboration seriously at MRH Middle School.  We begin the two year expedition program with team building and collaboration to set the stage for each individual and for the entire 7th grade class to have an  excellent and successful middle school career.  Below are three activity areas that the seventh grade class developed their collaboration and team building skills.

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course was a series of team building activities designed to challenge the groups' problem solving skills. The groups had to create, work through and adapt their own strategies towards completing the objective. They started off with two games to build trust within each other and as a group. The first challenge objective was to get as many group members on a 9 square foot wooden pedestal. For the next activity, the students were given roles to play. Some were spread out among the course and were assigned a variety of injuries, some more critical than others. The remaining team members had to assess the wounded and quickly design a plan of action get them to the safety zone, which was obstructed by a web with small sections to pass the wounded group members through.

Team Building

On our Camp Lakewood expedition, one of the activities the students participated in was teambuilding.  These series of activities really challenged students in their abilities to work together, problem solve, and develop a solution to the problem at hand.  One of the teambuilding activities had the students get from one area to another area about 20 feet away, but they could only use 4 magic stones (carpet squares) to get all of the students across the "lava".  The only catch is that the magic stones float away if there isn't a person on them at all times.  Students really preserved through many different solutions they came up with, problem solved, and worked together to solve the challenge activity.  Students engaged in a variety of these types of teambuilding activities that challenged them both as an individual and as a group.  In the end students always came together to work as a team to solve the challenge or problem they were faced with.

Summit Challenge

The students were given an opportunity to challenge themselves and face their fears on the Summit Challenge course. Once safely harnessed, students climbed 50-feet up in the air for a ropes course. While some were scared, many pushed through their fear, focused on their strengths and afterwards the sense of accomplishment was amazing to see!

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