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September 19, 2016


WEEKLY LEARNING: Middle School Boat Races

middle school students build cardboard boats Scientists in Mr. Henske’s class have been studying the steps of the engineering design process by designing and building boats. Students began by brainstorming what they would need to build a boat, as well as the constraints that they might come up against.  Using Tinkercad, an online 3D digital design application, each student created a model boat and performed various simulations in order to determine its effectiveness. They then worked with their table groups to analyze each  design, and select a model to build a prototype of.  Teams were given a “budget” of $1000 which was used to purchase supplies for their prototype (tape, glue, cardboard, etc.), and to pay team members’ salaries.

Today, they took their prototypes to The Heights where they tested durability.  Each boat must not only float, but have the ability to hold one student.   

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