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October 13, 2016


WEEKLY LEARNING: Highlighting 8th Riverlands/Bissell Point Expedition

students on expedition Eighth grade students spent two days this week participating in the October Outdoor Classroom.  As part of this experience, students rotated through four expedition stations. Two rotations took place at Riverlands in West Alton, one rotation took place at MSD’s Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment facility, and a math rotation took place at the Middle School.  

At Riverlands, students explored sampling and monitoring protocols.  During one rotation, D-nets were used to gather aquatic life forms from the water.  Students were then able to analyze the quality of the water based on the types of organisms that they observed.  As part of the second rotation, students used a seine net to gather organisms from the water in order to study adaptations and diversity.

At Bissell Point, students took a tour of the wastewater treatment facility.  This facility serves the Mississippi River watershed, and treats an average of 350 million gallons of wastewater per day.  The tour allowed students to examine the intricate process involved in cleaning wastewater (without the use of chemicals) before it is returned to the river.     

Activities within the math rotation varied depending on the specific course that the student is enrolled in.  In Math 8, students are working on creating scatterplots from real-life data. They had to research property in the Maplewood area, in order to find the correlation between square footage and price. Data will be used to create scatterplot graphs, find a line of best fit, and write a linear model to represent the line. Students will also use their linear models to make predictions.

Algebra students are working on a project that requires them to select three activities from a "tic-tac-toe"  choice board. All of the topics deal with graphing linear equations. For instance, students can choose to write a detailed letter to a friend who was absent from school, explaining slope formula, slope-intercept form, and standard form.  Students must include when and how they are used, and give specific examples.

In Geometry, students started thinking about their year-long project which requires the creation of a 3D scale model of the middle school’s 8th grade floor. Students will incorporate the geometry concepts learned this school year into the design. The students will meet with Architectural Engineers to get help and feedback about their designs.


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