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October 24, 2016


MRHMS Hosts Student-Led Conferences

Reminder that Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School's Student Led Conferences are being held on Tuesday, October 25th and Thursday, October 27th. MRHMS hopes to have 100% attendance from parents and guardians, as the students have worked very hard on putting together artifacts that represent the hard work that they do daily at school.  

Please review the student led survival guide below for answers to frequently asked questions about student led conferences.


                                      Parent Survival Guide to Student Led Conferences:                                                                                                      Frequently Asked Questions


Why Student Led Conferences?                    

Student Led Conferences allow students to demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability for their academic performance. Student-led conferences are emerging as a positive alternative to traditional parent-teacher conferences and MRH Middle School has been doing this for several years now. Research shows that parent attendance is higher, parents and students are engaged in open and honest dialogue about learning, and students develop important organizational and oral communication skills as they present their portfolio of work. These are a continuous work in progress meaning all parents should see progress and updates from the beginning of 7th grade through the end of 8th grade. In addition, as your child progresses through the middle school we should see an improvement in presentation skills from one conference to another.               

What can I expect at the Conference?                    

At the conference, your child will do most of the talking as he or she shares work samples and discusses work they have completed in each class. Students may focus on work they felt was exemplary or work that they struggled with this quarter. Then, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You may want to ask your child why they received a certain grade, if they interact well with his/her teacher, or how much time they devoted to a certain project (see our list of suggested questions). Seventh grade parents may want to ask how their child is adapting to middle school, while eighth grade parents may want to begin to talk about the transition to high school.

How are the teachers involved in Student Led Conferences?                    

In student led conferences, the spotlight is on the most important person in the process: the student. While the student’s advisor will be in the room, they will not be directly involved in your discussions with your child. They are available to support the students if needed, to clarify points, or answer questions. In addition, the teachers will score a rubric for each student that presents to their parents/guardians. The rubric will specifically address the organization of the presentation and presentation skills that are observed.         


                                  Parent Survival Guide to Student Led Conferences:                                                                                          Suggested Questions and Conversation Starters


In an effort to make student-led conferences as beneficial as possible, below is a list of questions to ask your child as you sit down and review his/her portfolio of work together.                    

  • Why do you think you received this grade for this work? Was this grade a fair assessment of the work you did? How much time did you devote to this project/paper? What would you say is your best/worst subject?        
  • What do you enjoy the most/least about this subject?
  • Do you participate in class discussions and activities?
  • Do you interact with your teacher well?
  • Is there something you wish your teacher knew about you? Do you work well with a partner?                
  • Are there times when you prefer to work alone?
  • What strengths or weaknesses do you bring to group projects? Who do you sit with at lunch?
  • Is there someone in your class that you wish you knew better?
  • What would you like to focus on with your presentation skills?


Conversation after the conference...                    

  • I am pleased to see your effort in...
  • I am proud of your improvement in...
  • I know you sometimes have difficulty with..., however... I would like you to focus on...
  • I can help you by...

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.