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Middle School News

October 25, 2016


Highlighting 7th Grade Math with Figures & Angles

students learning during math Mathematicians in Mrs. Weaver’s class spent much of the first quarter investigating similar figures.  Two figures are considered similar if the measures of corresponding angles are equal, AND corresponding sides are in proportion.

Until this week, students knew only one method for proving similarity, which involved using corresponding sides of different figures to determine scale factor.  Now, students are exploring a second method for proving similarity:  using ratios.  Ratios are a comparison of two quantities (such as two lengths).

Working with shoulder partners, students observed the height and width of photographs manipulated in an electronic document, and compared the new images to the original using ratios.  Students discovered that when they write the height to width ratio of similar figures, the fractions are equivalent.  The class also discussed the advantage of converting fractions to decimals for an easier comparison, and made predictions about the relationship between both scale factors and ratios when comparing more than two figures.


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