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November 1, 2016


WEEKLY LEARNING: Middle School Explores Budgeting

As part of their “American Democracy” unit, eighth grade citizens in Mrs. Hoffman’s class have been exploring the roles and responsibilities of the federal government.  Using a budget simulation game from iCivics, students analyzed the federal tax and spending policies that affect the national budget and national debt.  Working first with their shoulder partners, students were required to come to a consensus about how to raise federal revenue, and how to spend the taxpayers’ money.

The ultimate goal was to create fiscal policy that also meets the needs and wants of American citizens.  Creating fiscal policy included setting corporate, payroll and income tax rates, determining an appropriate entitlement age, and deciding which programs to fund and which to cut.  Each decision that students made affected citizen satisfaction and the total amount of debt incurred.  After multiple simulations, most pairs were able to achieve at least a small amount of success with budgeting, however this task became more difficult when they were then required to work with their larger table groups.  Students quickly discovered the increased barriers that exist when attempting to come to a consensus that considers multiple voices.  


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