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Middle School News

January 24, 2017


MS Expedition: Federal Reserve and Kemper Art Museum

Last week, eighth grade historians in Mrs. Hoffman’s class extended their learning by participating in two days of expeditions.  One expedition involved students exploring the “Inside the Economy Museum” at the Federal Reserve Bank.  This museum allowed them the opportunity to investigate the evolution of money, and the management of the money supply.  Through interactive games such as the Trading Pit, students were able to manipulate variables and inspect the economic effects of their choices, including comparative advantage. Other concepts examined included opportunity costs, the relationship between education and future earnings, economic output, and the history of the Federal Reserve.    

During their visit to the Kemper Art Museum at Washington University, students inspected artwork related to Westward Expansion and the notion of manifest destiny.  A museum curator guided students through an analysis of George Caleb Bingham’s “Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap”.  As part of this study, students created a visual note-taking map of the painting, read and discussed primary documents, and explored various artistic choices that affected the overall mood and message of the painting.  Artistic choices that were discussed included the exclusion of Native Americans and slaves, and the inclusion of religious symbolism.  


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