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April 19, 2017


First Graders Teach Eighth Graders Yoga

WEEKLY LEARNING: Highlighting MAP Stress Relief

Last week, seventh and eighth grade scholars began MAP testing! While this is a great chance for students to demonstrate all that they’ve learned, it can also be a stressful time.  Before students began testing, Mr. Dittrich conducted Town Hall meetings for both grade levels where he set the expectations of working hard and maintaining positive attitudes.  He then guided them through some fun brain break challenges such as raising just one eyebrow, wiggling their ears, and touching their nose with their tongue!  There are some things the human body is unable to do but hard work and a positive attitude is not one of them.

In order to help the eighth grade students relieve some of their post-test tension, students from the MRH Early Childhood Center visited and facilitated yoga sessions. The first grade students shared knowledge from their year-long yoga investigation by guiding students through various rotations that included correct breathing techniques and beginning yoga poses. Some of the poses learned included the butterfly, the tree, and the partner boat pose.  Look closely at the pictures and you will see we had Maplewood Police in on our Yoga sessions as well.     


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