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April 25, 2017


Seventh Grade Explores Equity

As seventh grade students prepare to embark on a research unit involving world problems, they  participated in multiple activities designed to explore equity issues through multiple lenses.  They first began by looking at how their everyday decisions, things as simple as brushing their teeth or riding in a car to school, impact environmental justice, economic justice, and social justice.  Next, they looked at each area more in depth.  

To reflect on environmental justice, students watched Dr. Suess’ The Lorax, which examines the potential dangers of greed and industry on the environment.  Students then completed an economic justice role-playing activity, which allowed them to create monthly budgets based on different careers (waitress, construction worker, and lawyer) and life situations (marital status, number or children, etc.).  Students discovered that these aspects affected the decisions that they made as they had to take into consideration their own wants versus their  needs.  

The final activity that students engaged in was a hunger simulation, “Dinner for the World”.  The game simulates inequities resulting from our present socio economic world situation, allowing students to feel some of the helplessness and frustration that result from these inequities.   During the game, students shared a meal based on the distribution of wealth, population, and food as it is in the real world.  Some students received oyster crackers and small amounts of water to share with their table, while others received large quantities of snacks and unlimited juice.  The concepts addressed this week will be used as a springboard for student selected research projects addressing world equity issues.

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