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March 13, 2020


March 13, 2020



Students at MRH Middle School are immersed both inside and outside the classroom in a variety of experiences through the metaphor, “School as Expedition.”

Learning expeditions are in-depth studies of a topic that engage students through authentic projects, real-life studies, fieldwork, and service. Expeditions occur within the school walls when the community is brought into the classroom through expert guest speakers and outside of the classroom, as a journey to conduct fieldwork.

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SPRING BREAK - March 16 - 20, 2020 Students will return March 23, 2020


EARLY DISMISSAL - April 7, 2020 - Early Dismissal at 1:25 pm?


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Spanish I and Thirst Project


Profe Welge and Profe Vinson's Spanish classes joined together this week to learn about Thirst Project, an initiative that the AP Spanish students chose to focus on for their Global Service Project this year. 


Students gathered to watch presentations from 'road warriors' Cici Bhikha and Arianna Tipsword, ambassadors of Thirst Project. The students learned how Thirst Project raises money to provide clean water to various communities around the world. 


There are more than 600 million people in the world that do not have access to clean water and 3.5 million people die of water-born diseases each year, most of them. Women and children from the countries served by Thirst Project walk an average of 6-8 hours each day to gather water, and even then it is polluted and extremely dirty. They will then carry the full water jug, weighing roughly 45 pounds, back to their homes where they will boil it, hoping to kill some of the waterborne diseases.


High school and middle school students learned the impact that clean water can have on communities, not only a longer and healthier life-span, but the ability of children to attend school instead of fetching water, and the ability for women to work.


?Students were then able to try and pick up a 45 pound jug of water and place it on their heads, experiencing what many people have to go through just to get water.


Students of the Week - Recognized by our staff for upholding our cornerstones of Leadership, Scholarship, Citizenship, and Stewardship. With last weeks snow day we have two students of the week for both grade levels.


Graham Colvin

Graham Colvin is our 7th grade student of the week! Graham is a leader in the classroom. From core content to electives to extracurriculars, he always gives his all. He takes pride and ownership in his work, and encourages his peers to do the same. We are lucky to have him here at MRHMS!

Ava Kasten

Ava Kasten is our 8th grade student of the week. Ava demonstrates the cornerstones of scholarship, leadership and citizenship. She is extremely insightful, willing to help others and participates in all class discussions. Additionally, Ava is an amazing friend who cares deeply for others. She wears a smile on her face that lights up a room. Thank you Ava for the meaningful contributions you make to our 8th grade team.

Our apologies for not having a photo for our students of the week. With students being out ill it has been difficult to get them all in the same space. Stay tuned and we will be posting it to Facebook.

Green Schools Quest!!!

By Cerenety Brown


The students in Sustainability have been focusing on a big project that is called The Green Schools Quest. The Green Schools Quest is where a bunch of schools around the region are competing with other schools to see which school can be greener, like saving energy, gas, food, etc. The classes have been researching how to reduce food waste and hearing more about where the food goes when it is wasted.


At MRHMS, we had sustainability students conduct 2 audits on food waste. The audits were to see how much food we are wasting in our school, and why. We had buckets for different food items and interviewed students on why they didn’t finish a food on their tray. 

After the waste audits, we wanted to find solutions to wasting food in our school. Student groups created presentations pitching ideas such as a food preference survey, energy release before lunch, lunch competition, share table for extra food, etc. Then, we found a couple solutions that most agreed on, which were Lunch Competition, eliminating plastic cutlery at lunch, sharing tables for unopened extra food, and surveying students about having energy release before lunch. 

Lunch competition was one of the most popular solutions and we have a plan to compete for the least food wasted at lunch between the 7th and 8th grades. We will weigh the food wasted by 7th grade each day for the week the 8th grade is at Ocean Springs, and how much food waste the 8th grade has while 7th grade is at Tremont. The grade with the least amount of food waste will win an ice cream party during the last week of school.


A kindergartener counted in the 2020 Census this spring will be starting high school when the next census comes around in 2030: That's 10 years of school supplies, teachers, school lunches, and so much more. This is your opportunity to help ensure they have a bright future!


2020 Census Flyer - English version

2020 Census Flyer - Spanish version


To view the flyer in 12 additional languages - see the link below.




Stay tuned for information heading your way regarding our end of year expeditions to Tremont and Ocean Springs. Less than 10% of our students do not attend our end of year expeditions due to health, family obligations, or behavior issues. Below is an excerpt from our handbook that was shared with all families at the beginning of the year regarding behavior concerns and attendance to our end of year expeditions.



The student’s primary job at school is to grow as a scholar, leader, citizen, and steward. During the learning process, we want the students to enjoy working with the teachers and classmates. In order to do that, it is important that we make sure that each student understands exactly what is expected of them to uphold the cornerstones. 

The middle school curriculum is built on the principles of expeditionary learning. Most units of study involve field experience, reflection on the learning, and exhibits of excellent student work. Field experiences can vary and range from local trips to area businesses, community and county parks, or out of state trips to the Smoky Mountains or Gulf of Mexico. Daily student behavior related to safety may directly impact participation in these experiences. 

**Students may not be allowed to participate in expeditions if they demonstrate unsafe or uncooperative behavior. In these circumstances, students will meet with the teachers and/or administration to determine if they will be allowed to participate in the extended expeditions. Students are also expected to meet expectations for being in class on time and attendance to school. 


How can I help as a parent?

Lately, we have had parents ask how they can help our Middle School. One of the things we try to provide for the students are healthy snacks! Daily we have students who have missed breakfast or just need a little extra because they are hitting growth spurts. Next time you go grocery shopping, please feel free to pick up a box of granola bars or some other type of healthy snack for the office.

A special thanks to any parent that has donated snacks to the Middle School! Your contributions are greatly appreciated!


If a student is going to be absent, please remember to call or email Mrs. Jonas, our Middle School Administrative Assistant, by 9 a.m. She can be reached at (314) 644-4406 or

Leaving School Early

If a student needs to be picked up early, parents should go to the Central Office to sign their child out. The Central Office will contact the Middle School Secretary. The Middle School will send your student to the Central Office for check out. In order to protect instructional time, students will not be called from class until the parent has arrived at school.

Morning Arrival and Morning Academic Support Information

A reminder that students should not be dropped off or allowed to walk to school and arrive prior to 7:45 am. We do not have official supervision until this time. 


Students may be dropped off or arrive at 7:45 if they are attending an academic lab prior to school. The schedule is pictured above. If your child is not attending an academic lab in the morning, then there is no need for them to arrive prior to 8:00 am. Last year, we purposely moved our start time back to 8:30. This decision was based on the research of teens and their sleep patterns.  


Please make sure you are having conversations with your children about their plans after school. Students are always welcome to use our office phones after school to notify you they are going to a friend's house, Maplewood Pool, The Heights, Learning Labs, etc. Undoubtedly, the middle school student will at some point forget to tell you where they are going. If this happens, please contact the school at (314) 644-4406 or (314) 446-3900.  


Permission Slips

We spend time away from school to learn through our metaphor - School as Expedition. Because of this, we would be sending home permission slips on a weekly basis. However, when your child enrolls at MRH, parents sign a permission slip for students to leave campus, making weekly permission slips unnecessary. The middle school operates under a “duty to inform” parents that we will be taking your child off-campus. Expect to see these via email. 


Lunch and Breakfast Menus

Check out Mealviewer or get the app for your Android or Apple.


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