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September 12, 2021


Calendar Dates to Remember!


  • September 14, 2021 - Early Release Day (release time 1:23 pm)
  • September 24, 2021 - NO SCHOOL (Professional Development Day )


Student of the Week


Catherine Rohlfing is our 7th-grade student of the week! Catherine Rohlfing is a game-changer in our middle school classrooms.  She is mature and focused, adding to her group and class discussions in ways that extend everyone’s thinking. Catherine is responsible, and advocates for herself.  She excels at balancing academics and social interactions, embodying our MRHMS Cornerstones.  Way to go Catherine!  


Grant Gittemeier is our 8th-grade student of the week. He advocates for his own learning, is willing to help others, and always asks questions to clarify understanding. Grant does a great job of motivating and initiating learning. He is an engaged student who often challenges others in their thinking. Grant is a true asset to our 8th-grade team. Way to go, Grant!

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Weekly Learning


Citizens in Ms. Breed-Parks' Blue Devil Civics class visited Maplewood City Hall and met with community leaders and civil servants in the council chamber. The visit launches a semester-long problem-based learning project answering the question, "How can Maplewood and Richmond Heights improve the lives of community members?" Mayor Nikaylan Knapper, City Manager Mike Reese, the fire chief, police chief, and two additional representatives from fire and police departments answered questions composed in advance by the students. Students learned the structure of city government, process of amending the code of ordinances, changes in crime and fire patterns in our area, and some of the current issues facing our community. Finally, all panelists answered questions about a day in the life of their chosen career. On Thursday, students will meet via Zoom with the City Manager of Richmond Heights.

Middle School Clubs

Below you will find links for clubs that are available for middle school students.


Adventure Club
Dungeons and Gragons - Middle Earth

Tech Night Video


Did you have to miss our Tech Night? If so, we have great news...WE RECORDED IT JUST FOR YOU!!!


To view the video click on the button below!

Tech Night Video

Peanut Butter Allergy


We wanted to inform you that we have students in our school that have life-threatening food allergies. One student has an allergy to Peanuts/Tree Nuts. These foods, even in trace amounts, may cause a severe reaction (anaphylaxis) that can lead to death. The following symptoms may occur: hives, difficulty breathing, vomiting and diarrhea, swelling of the lips, mouth, and throat, itching and sneezing, loss of consciousness, and death due to shock. Even touching contaminated surfaces may cause a reaction.


School staff has been trained to recognize such a reaction and to administer medication (epinephrine) in an emergency.


Here are a few suggestions for you as parents:


  • Never take food allergies lightly; they can be serious and life-threatening.
  • Look for substitutes for peanut butter and other snacks that contain peanuts. Our school cafe uses sunflower butter and kids do not mind at all.
  • Ask your child’s friends what they are allergic to and help them to avoid it.
  • Tell your child, “DO NOT SHARE FOOD.”
  • Frequent hand washing reduces the spread of viruses during the school year and helps protect food-allergic students. Wash hands thoroughly after eating. Similarly, encourage good hygiene before and after-school. If your child had peanut butter for breakfast please have them wash their hands. Wash hands and surfaces before handling textbooks, computers, or school equipment.
  • Tell your child to get help from an adult immediately if a schoolmate has a reaction.

Early Dismissal Procedures


  • Please call or email Mrs. Jonas before coming to pick your student up for any appointments or early dismissals. The more notice we have the better we can cut your wait time down.
  • Email:, OR Call: 314-644-4406
  • Please remind your student that they must come to the middle school office to check out before leaving campus. Students will exit the building from the high school doors that face the track.

My Student is sick, what now?


Student Daily Needs


  • Fully charged Chromebook/charger
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Mask


Please help your student create great habits for remembering their mask, fully charged Chromebook and their water bottle. We will not have water bottles or cups for students to use.

Student Birthdays

(Week of Sept. 12 - Sept. 18)


Happy Birthday,

?MRHMS Scholars!


  • Lily VanSchaik - 9/13
  • Lily Vesper - 9/13
  • Emily Dillon - 9/17
  • Brayden Inman - 9/18
  • Brooke Inman - 9/18

Questions? Please contact MRH Middle School at


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