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October 7, 2011


Eighth Grade to Explore Water Citizenship

As a way of contextualizing the learning surrounding fresh water ecology in eighth grade science, the team will begin a two-day expedition on October 10 and 11 that will have the group traveling to Forest Park, Bissell Point Water Treatment Plant, and into the streets and neighborhoods surrounding the school.

The October Classroom Expedition is designed to heighten awareness about how fresh drinking water eventually makes it into our water fountains and taps at home. Students will explore the water treatment process at Bissell Point, where they will actually see the water intakes from the Mississippi River. They will also have an opportunity to spend some time with an educator for the Metropolitan Sewer District, who will demonstrate the life cycle of water from sewer to tap.

The second phase of this expedition will have students in the community placing "No Dumping" medallions on the area storm sewers. This is a multi-year collaboration with MSD that provides students with a chance to see exactly where the rain water runoff goes in their neighborhood as well as inform the community about the importance of not dumping additional items into the storm drains. 

Finally, students will also be learning about fresh water ecology through a partnership with the Department of Conservation as they fish in Forest Park. This piece of the expedition takes the learning to another level as it exposes that the choices that are made in the areas of water treatment, run-off, and dumping can impact a larger food cycle. 

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.