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February 13, 2012


Integrating Learning Highlights Eighth Grade Scholars Journey

Communication Arts: Students have been reading about war and its impact on young people.  We have used a main class novel Bull Run, and students have also chosen one of four different biographies: Farewell to Manzanar, Zlata’s Diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, and Red Scarf Girl. Through classroom activities and literature circles, students have been participating in discussions about human dignity during war.

Math: Math 8 students are beginning their first semester of Algebra 1. They are exploring the connections between different representations of Linear Relationships through problems that plan for school fundraisers.  Algebra 1 students are beginning their fifth unit in Algebra and will be exploring advanced systems of linear relationships that represent three variables.

Science: Our scientists used their understanding of Systems Thinking tools to produce Iceberg Models.  The students were given an event, as presented by a One Sentence Story, and had to uncover the behaviors, structures, and mental models which led up to the event. Students have now moved onto studying cells and organisms, and they have been exploring cells through the use of microscopes and digital models.

Social Studies: Students are exploring the mindset of Americans that led up to and created the mass migration westward known as Manifest Destiny.  Students used the following questions to guide their learning: why is there a need to explore, how did the the expansion of the United States affect the lives of the people in the 1800s and how did the origins of democracy and political parties influence the Jacksonian Era?  Students just finished their Manifest Destiny essay which was an analysis of the painting by John Gast called American Progress. Students considered how the painting visually captured the spirit and attitude of Manifest Destiny.

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