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March 16, 2012


E4 students design future possibilities for Pruitt-Igoe

A project such as Pruitt-Igoe Now begs for our attention, care and hope. When we first heard about Pruitt-Igoe, we were stunned to learn that something of this historical magnitude could actually be so close to our own community. Yet, most of us had never heard of the housing project nor did we know the
significance of its story.

After seeing the movie, “Pruitt Igoe the Myth,” doing extensive research, listening to guest speakers such as Paul Fehler and Michael Allen and visiting the site, we decided an ecology center provides the community with an educational experience that nurtures the land and its people. In addition, it has the potential to bring tourists to the area through the many offerings and activities.

The ecology center, animal education center, and community garden provide the pallet for interaction between the past, present and future generations of our time. Our proposal reflects the many interests from our group and the different possibilities that Pruitt-Igoe holds. It is like a blank canvas to an artist with amazing potential.

After touring the property, we noticed the landscapes’ potential, as well as the forgotten history. This access to nature provides opportunities for the surround community and others outside the adjacent community to learn about the importance of nature and community. The variety of activities represented allows for a multi-generational approach that supports individuals, families, and class-building teamwork. Finally, a memorial sculpture will greet visitors to the center as a means of honoring the families that lived and grew as a result of the modernistic Pruitt-Igoe housing project.   

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