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August 31, 2012


Art Integration from the Beginning

students hand and a laptop Seventh grade students in Mrs. Strubhar's communication arts class have started their first unit of the year titled, Truth is Better than Fiction. In this unit students will read biographies and autobiographies as a means to explore the experiences that shape the lives of individuals. Students will be provided opportunities to reflect upon themselves as writers and how their own life experiences shape their own writing by thinking about and exploring these guiding questions:

  • Why do writers write about themselves?
  • How can reflecting on the life experiences of yourself a d those around you help you empathize with others?
  • How does reading about someone else's life experiences help you reflect on your own life situations?

a whiteboard with text Mrs. Strubhar and Mrs. Schepker-Mueller (Art Integration Specialist) are weaving art into this unit by using the students' Self Portrait poems along with found images and magazine text to create non-literal self portraits. Students are turning their Self Portrait poems into text collages and after scanning and tracing their scanned fingerprint they merge their fingerprint, their text collage, found images, and cut out their fingerprints, the students reassemble their collages back into the form of their finger print.  Since the students' fingerprints are unique only to them, this demonstrates visibly how their own autobiography is truly unique only to themselves. In the end the students have created a non-literal image, which is often a stronger representation of an individual than a photograph of their face. So look out for our students' finished art because, it is truly everywhere. 

 For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.