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September 14, 2012


Seventh Grade Classroom Update

East Riverfront Metro StationAs the seventh grade moves in to the fourth week of  school, students in communication arts are discussing the importance of telling their story and reading the stories of others. Students began by creating a non-literal self portrait in the form of a poem and art piece, then they will incorporate that into our own digital autobiographies.

Currently in Social Studies students are exploring the first unit of seventh grade, Geography. Students have been studying the five themes of geography (acronymed "MR. LIP"), the various biomes of the world, and understanding how to find and calculate latitude and longitude. Most recently students put their geography knowledge to the test when they had to identify how each of the five themes of geography are present at various stations in St. Louis on our Metrolink Expedition. Stay tuned for videos that will be highlighting the themes and stations!

In Math 7 students are currently looking at stretching and shrinking which involves looking at similar figures and how those apply in real life situations, think scale models and drawings. One of the lessons and activities Mr. Ryan is looking forward to is taking the class outside on campus and calculating the heights of various objects (lightpoles, telephone poles, buildings, flag poles) without actually measuring them. These objects will be measured by their shadows by setting up a proportion to calculate the various heights.

Grade seven scientists are learning the basic concepts of systems thinking by examining the characteristics of systems. Students have also begun to unpack how science inquiry looks at the middle school level and how to best utilize their science notebooks. The seventh grade scientists will practice collecting field data next week at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

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