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September 18, 2012


From Seed to Table: A Personal Story

Year-round the students in Seed to Table work with Chef Marino to plant, maintain and harvest produce from the ECC's garden. Last spring, the first grade students held their very own farmer's market. In this way, they were able to share their hard work with their families and the community. Below is one parent's personal story about her purchase at the farmer's market. It is a perfect example of how learning continuity runs from the classroom to home.

Submitted by Stacey Schwab

"At the farmer’s market held by the first grade last year, Amelia purchased one butternut squash plant. That plant LOVED the hot summer and took over most of the backyard including my herbs and vegetable garden. At the end of August, Amelia and I harvested most of the squash. These are pictures of Amelia cleaning out the seeds so that I can roast them and make them into butternut squash soup. I made three-four batches. Amelia was so excited that she grew them. I also enjoyed eating mashed squash, just like mashed sweet potatoes.  Sadly, Amelia took one smell and maybe a tiny bite and did not eat anymore. More for me."

   Amelia cleaning squash   Amelia cleaning squash

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