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November 2, 2012


MRHHS Students Make Large Strides in First Quarter

First quarter has come to an end at MRH and while most schools average 20 to 30% of their student body on honor roll, MRH has increased the percentage on honor roll to 46%, while at the same time increasing its enrollment.

Principal Grawer attributes most of the success to student work ethic and quality teachers while students attribute their success to planning, organization, and just plain putting more time and effort in.
“We have kids that care about their grades, and then we have teachers that support them and challenge them as well,” said Grawer. Despite the size of the school, MRH has managed to continue to increase the number of students on honor roll. At this time last year, 38% of students were on honor roll, at 46% MRH has already increased last year’s numbers by 8%. “Forty six percent of the student body is about 155 students out of about 340, that is an astounding number,” 

Numbers aren’t the only thing motivating the success. Students used extracurriculars to help them stay on track. “I was motivated by Volleyball because I knew that I had to keep my grades up in order to stay on the team,” said Freshman Anna Weir. Students also studied more and planned out their time better. “I planned out my schedule and thought about what I need to do to keep up my work and not fall behind,” said Sophomore James Owens. “I was on honor roll this year because I did all my homework and I studied for all my tests,” said Junior Michael Oliver. Lack of tardies and absences also helped increase students ability to work hard and do well in school. “I showed up more, wasn’t as late, focused more on school and didn’t slack off,” said Senior Brandon Vasquez. Grawer also attributes some of the success to a change in the culture of the idea of being smart. “It’s creating a culture around, ‘it’s cool to be smart,’ and that is something that I think is very important that we really try hard to do,” said Grawer. As MRH students head into the second quarter, students plan to keep up the momentum and hard work from the first quarter.

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