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February 1, 2013


MRH Elementary Classrooms Compete for the Golden Shoe Award

If you’ve never been to a Morning Gathering when the Golden Shoe Awards are being announced, then you’ve been missing the excitement! “All I have to do to get students to put some speed in their step as they arrive on Golden Shoe morning, is stand at the door and yell ‘GOLDEN SHOE!’ says Kris Ricks. “Boy do they hustle! Nobody wants to miss watching Ms. Simon announce the winners!”

Each grade level has their own Golden Shoe. Classes earn points during Health and PE classes for participation, cooperation, sportsmanship, wearing tennis shoes to gym, lining up and following hallway expectations. The Golden Shoe Awards are handed out at the end of each month with the winning classroom receiving a “free choice” activity day in PE, and of course the trophy to display in their room for the month.

ELEM staff hold up "gold shoes" Who Wants the Golden Shoe? YOU DO!
Congratulations to the January Golden Shoe Award recipients!

  • 2nd Gr. Wiegert
  • 3rd Gr. Kimberlin
  • 4th Gr. Butz
  • 5th Gr. Goodwin
  • 6th Gr. Mapp





For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.