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February 8, 2013


Winter Camping: Learning through the Cold

winter camping

On January  25th through the 27th, students in the MRH Middle School Adventure Club traveled to Warrenton, MO for three days of winter camping.  This year’s winter camping theme was surviving the zombie apocalypse.  Students were divided into four tribes and competed in 14 outdoor survival skill challenges.  The challenges were opportunities to fine tune their survival and winter camping skills and also provided the students with varying rewards in the forms of resources that would strengthen their tribes’ position in the survival contest.  Challenges were diverse in difficulty and objectives such as; fire-making, locating and purifying water, finding wild edibles, shelter building, communicating over 500 yds, snare setting, emergency rescue situations, camouflage, and a night GPS course. 

Read the student responses below for how this experience impacted our students.  Also many kudos to teachers Bill Henske and Scott McClintock for developing and implementing this fantastic programing for our MRH Middle School students and for teacher Lauren Fleischer’s support during the winter camping!

winter camping

Student reactions:

Adventure Club leaves me with being able to work with people that I may not be able to get along with or that I just normally hang around. It lets me branch out and do something that I enjoy, being in the outdoors.

- Lauren Wismann

Adventure club helps me get to know my friends better and I learn a lot about surviving in the wilderness and makes me excited to get exercise, which never happens.

- Mia Rintoul

winter camping

It brings out the creative adventurous side of me, and helps me to really bond with people and get to know them.

- Ruby Grein

My favorite moment was the last night at the campfire because I finally realized that I had gotten through the whole trip and how close I had come to the people in my tent and in Adventure Club.

- Samantha Schaffner


winter camping

I learned friendship, to get along with others, that I hadn't talked to, and we learned how to communicate, and work together. I learned perseverance, I kept telling myself to keep going when things were hard, and I made it through. I learned leadership, when the leader of our group was doing something, I stepped in covered that spot, I kept the group on track, and kept telling them to keep going; again.

- Ella Cort


For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.

winter camping

winter camping