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April 18, 2013


7th Grade Reflects on April and prepares for May

In the seventh grade students are working hard in their core classes. Students have been preparing for MAP testing in both mind set and in specific curricular areas. We are so confident in our students ability to demonstrate their learning and their academic growth over time. Specifically, students are in the following units of study:

Communication Arts, Mrs. Strubhar is guiding students through a poetry unit. The documentary Louder than a Bomb has served as a platform and inspiration for students to create their own poetry. Currently, students are exploring the oxymoron form as they are creating their own individual poetry anthologies.

Mr. Ryan has students exploring linear models and equations including solving for slope intercept and they are exploring that when the data shows a linear trend, you can find a graph and equation to model the relationship between the variables. Then they are asking how we can use the model to make predictions about values between the data variables.

In Social Studies, Mr. Kiehne is helping students to explore colonization and colonies, and they are asking the question, how do people overcome challenges of settling and adapting to a new environment? Students are exploring the Jamestown Colony and early American colonies in order to develop the knowledge to answer the essential question.

Mr McClintock has students engaged in thinking about and understanding energy forms. They are exploring the following questions: how does topography and geographical affect wind speed and how can we identify optimal locations for wind farms? Students are building their knowledge as they prototype, build, and test their custom designed wind turbine blades.

The team is very excited about the seventh grade capstone expedition to the Smoky Mountain Institute in Tremont, Tennessee May 13 through the 17. Please lookout for permission forms and make sure you have everything turned in for your student. The packing list is extensive and will equip your child for a very comfortable and successful experience. We cannot wait for your child to come home after the expedition and share all of their learning and experience with you about Tremont.

For more information, contact MRH School District at (314) 644-4400.