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October 6, 2013


Self-Portraits at MRH's ECC

Self portraits have become a beloved tradition at MRH's Early Childhood Center.  Each year preschool through first grade teachers look forward to spending time building relationships through this activity and participating in dialogue with children.  Teachers are always amazed at the children’s drawing capabilities. This year, as the children completed their portraits, the teachers asked them to describe their favorite feature of their face.  Children were eager to share ideas and thoughts about their chosen features.  One child stated, “My eyebrows are my best part.  They can move in different ways and they feel soft when I rub my fingers on them.  My hair is brown so are my eyebrows.  They can also do cool styles like show people when I am mad, sad, angry or even when I am happy!”  After the interviews were complete, the children chose from a variety of craft materials so that they could make collages of their favorite facial feature.  For example, a bead used for a nose, yarn for hair, etc.  Families and children are enjoying looking at the self portrait documentation!


students engulfed in their self portrait project


students engulfed in their self portrait project

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