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October 11, 2013


Undercover Superintendent at Maplewood Richmond Heights School District

The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District implemented an activity similar to the popular CBS television program, Undercover Boss.

In the reality television show, senior executives of companies go “undercover” internally within their own businesses and investigate different jobs while brainstorming with employees how they can be improved. MRH’s Superintendent, Karen I. Hall and Assistant Superintendent, Roxanna Mechem go “undercover” monthly and complete job activities such as mail courier, bus driver, landscaper, secretary, teacher, and more.

This activity was started to give school administrators an opportunity to connect with all staff members, especially ones that often times they may not see. Through this, they are familiarizing themselves with all facets of the District and community.

In August, Hall journeyed on the after school elementary bus route with Dan Carnell, lead bus driver. She was able to observe his route and see first-hand how smoothly the bus systems were operating.

“I love Undercover Superintendent because it affords us the opportunity to see all areas and departments of the District. I was honored to spend time with Dan, he’s amazing and we are beyond lucky to have him at MRH,” said Hall.  

For the month of October, Mechem ventured to the elementary school to do some grounds maintenance with Ken Vance, groundskeeper.

“It is an opportunity to see each job in a different light while learning as much as I can about it,” said Mechem. “Another reason that I enjoy participating in this activity is because I am able to witness everyone, even our students, in their own daily elements. They are all so welcoming.”

Karen Hall participating in undercover superintendent Karen Hall participating in undercover superintendent

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